How to organize skincare in your bathroom


Two years ago, the professional organizer was Rhea Safford Reorganize I came to arrange every room in my house.

If you haven’t heard of RIAA, it is a major organisation. She was on skinny secret before talking about it bathroom organizationHow to prepare a file juice / morning station, what are you Kitchen Cabinets It should look, how Cleanse your pantryAnd & General tips for organizing the home Anyone and everyone can use it as a guide.

To get super accurate info for you, I wanted to share specific skincare regimen tips provided by RIA Get the fuck out of the sun. As I mentioned in this post Featuring Dr. Barbara StormWe couldn’t include everything everyone gave for the book. But we can’t let these tips go to waste.

With that, let’s get straight to Rhea’s tips for organizing your skin care.


Tips for organizing your skin care products:

♡ Empty your space completely.

That means drawers, cupboards, shelves…everything! Take them all out so you can see the space you have to work with and you can look at your items one by one.

♡ Get rid of items you know you won’t use.

You need to let go of the idea that you are wasting money because your things are not gaining value by taking up space in your bathroom. So purge mercilessly! Get rid of anything you don’t use, don’t want, are old, or you just finished. You will see that you are left with nothing but the things you love!

♡ Don’t buy organizational products until you have organized your space.

Wait until you clean and organize before purchasing dividers or shelves. Buy the space you have, not the space you want. If you have limited space, don’t buy too many extra items that won’t have a home and will create a more crowded space.

♡ Organize your products so they work for you!

If you only wear a mask once a week, there is no need to have a set of masks at the front of the tray.

♡ Lazy Susan or split turntables…

…whatever you want to call it…is My favorite organizational products!

Skin care is done in a routine way, whether it is daily or weekly. AM & PM is a great way to organize your skin care, but if you don’t have a lot of products you can do whatever works for you. Put on masks, eye patches, oils, cleansers, whatever works! Just make sure to put it in a place that works for you. This could be on your counter or under your sink.

♡ Over-the-door storage system.

If you do not have much space in your bathroom, you can use Over-the-door storage system It can be really useful.

It basically creates a whole new area for products. Or add shelves! If your storage space is limited, create a space where it didn’t exist! Choose some empty space on the wall to add simple shelves and create more space for your items. (As we did for Lauren bathroom! )

♡ Choose a custom space for your items.

Most often, there are items in the bathroom that are also found in other spaces of the home. For example: medicines, tools, batteries, sunscreen. Most of the time, things like this have another home they grew up in. Like an entryway closet, utility closet, or laundry room. Save space for your skin care by storing bathroom unnecessary items elsewhere.

♡ Function above aesthetics, always!

You need your most used/favorite products to be on hand and fit into your routine and schedule. Again, this is about what works for you. Keep essential items close at hand. You want your bathroom system to be streamlined and help you navigate through your morning and nighttime routines efficiently.

♡ Show off your makeup.

A makeup bag is not a good solution for everyday use – you always have to look for the items you need and you won’t be able to remember everything that is there. If you can see it, you will use it. We love making or using a makeup drawer makeup organizers for countertops.

♡ Enjoy!

When I organized Lauryn’s skincare we used cheeky stickers and color-coded stuff, so she looked good on her Instagram feed, while also keeping the functionality.


S, Lauren



Be organized:

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