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There is a lot of debate about the best way to store tomatoes. Some argue that storing it in the refrigerator makes it weak and unpalatable; Others say it doesn’t make any difference at all. But when you go through every problem Picking the best samples At a farmers market, keeping them looking their best is crucial. It turns out that there is one guiding principle to follow: where you should store tomatoes depends on their state of ripeness. Below, we explain how to store tomatoes to make sure you enjoy them when they’re ripe and delicious.

unripe tomatoes

This is the situation when you definitely don’t want to store tomatoes in the fridge – refrigerating them will prevent them from ripening and developing flavour. Instead, place them side down in the pantry or on the counter to reduce moisture loss so they remain juicy and wrinkle-free, and be sure to keep them in one layer to prevent bruising. Keep them at room temperature until they reach the desired level of maturity.

Ripe tomatoes

The refrigerator is your friend, not your enemy in this scenario. The supermarket tomatoes have already been refrigerated on their way to you, so a little relaxation won’t hurt them. And unless you eat them right away, locally grown, ripe tomatoes will also last longer in the fridge; Eat in a few days. Store ripe tomatoes in your refrigerator stress-free and enjoy them within two days of purchase.

tomato slices

You’ll want to eat the chopped tomatoes later in the day, or store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator to use for the next day or two. Then they will lose flavor, develop a dry “skin” on the cut meat, and won’t taste their best. If you forget it in the back of the fridge, toss it in your next stir-fry or soup, or Put them in a graceful vinaigrette To revive it instead of letting it go to waste.

And if you’re going to cool them down…

Cold temperatures tend to weaken flavors, so if you’re going to store tomatoes in the fridge, just make sure to let them come to room temperature before serving to make sure they taste their best. Pro tip: Slicing or slicing the tomatoes into smaller pieces will help the tomatoes heat up faster than if they were left whole.

Store, eat and repeat:

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tomato picnic

Leave the tomatoes covered with dressing for an hour or so before serving so that they absorb maximum flavor.

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