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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

What are you up to this weekend? We’re visiting my parents in Michigan, and as I’m writing this sentence, Toby and Dad were making popular movies. (They use this Very cute kids cook book.) Hope you have a good link, here are some links from around the web…

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I love this picture from Swimming in a table.

The first thing I packed on our trip.

Halloumi Burger.

cancer secret. “Why do you have to be positive?” [the doctor] I was asked in a neutral voice…God loved her, she came up with exactly what I needed to hear: “I’ve seen some of the biggest bitches come in, and they’re still alive.” (Atlantic Ocean.)

How perfect This jacket is working from home?

tornado pictures.

I rewatched this marriage documentary Last night it was very good.

Can’t get enough of Iceland baths.

One, Could this be the most attractive title?

cute skateboard, of all things.

Important Mst: Here’s the NYTimes’ Continuously updated reports on AfghanistanAnd here’s more Ways to help Afghan refugees arriving in the United States Also, here’s a thoughtful piece about Kabul bombing. (Atlantic.) We will continue to share links on Instagram as well.

Plus three comments for readers:

says in June What was the first meal you had after giving birth?: “I’m a student midwife in the UK, where tea and toast have legendary status as a postpartum meal. My nerves when I first made a tray of tea and toast for a new family! Standing on the toaster anxiously waiting for you to be well. 2 packs of each A flavor of jam, worry about the amount of tea bags in the pot. So much love goes into those trays, and the excitement of bringing that precious meal into a room where mother and baby are folded has not faded a single thing.”

Louise says Best gift for host: “Honestly? The best thing we bring to dinner gatherings (when they don’t have plans) are our teenage daughters. We were the first to have kids in our social group, so when the 15 and 17-year-old girls show up with us, the little ones are scared. The 15 year old is art supplies, our 17 year old daughter will have her own soccer and they will all gather around each other the rest of the night. Those summer evenings are some of my favorite memories.”

Annie says Best gift for host: “The first person to give me flowers was my father, who came to lunch in my apartment when I was young, with a bunch of daffodils. His comment was ‘I always bring flowers to the hostess.’ 40 years later, I’m still fascinated by the memory.”

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(Photo of Lake Michigan by Alicia Magnuson Photography/Stocksy.)

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