Iced milk cubes for your face


Iced milk cubes for your face

Iced milk cubes for your face

Milk !! But for your face.

Right. Today I’m going to introduce you to a little trick that skincare gurus care about. Sonya Dakar actually taught me this. She’s a celeb skincare expert with her own line (which is amazing) and recently she’s appeared Podcast To talk about how to build an empire, how to preserve your youthful skin and celebrity beauty secrets.

Anyway, I shared this advice and as usual I cannot share it with you.

In this post, you’ll discover how to turn some simple milky ice cubes into your favorite new skincare step.

Pores are very irritating and irritating. It can get quite large, especially if your skin is dirty. After a lot of research, it turns out that ice cubes actually shrink pores. These will lighten the complexion and you will get a dewy and glassy AF.

Benefits of using frozen milk cubes on your face:

Helps treat acne.

♡ Pores shrink.

♡ Helps moisturize the skin.

♡ Brightens the complexion.

♡ Reducing the appearance of dark circles and spots.

♡ It keeps your skin tone even.

Helps treat fine lines and signs of aging.

Helps reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

♡ It can remove tanning mist from your face (this could be a pro or a trick).

♡ Increase blood circulation to the face.

Calms inflammation.

♡ Reduces acne and dark spots.

TSC essential skin care and beauty products

So how the fuck do you make ice cubes from milk?

Well, easy.

Take a large bowl and mix a cup of cow’s milk and a cup of it Full cream coconut milk. Milk contains lactic acid which removes dead skin cells and provides a natural glow to the complexion. Mix it well and then pour it into a gentle form, Pink ice cube tray And freeze them overnight. So they are basically ice cubes of milk.

In the morning, wake up and enjoy a refreshing icy setting. Feel the healthy glow. You guys know I love snow on my face so it’s no surprise that I’ve done this a million times.

You can also do this at any time before bed. Cleanse, place an ice cube on your face in a circular motion until it runs out (I always have a paper towel in your hand), rinse with water and your skin will be taut and ready to go. I’m a big fan of heating until it cools so I’ll use it Dr. Denise Gross, a steamer Then my skin was cooled with an ice cube of milk.

If a milk cube isn’t right for you, you can use aloe vera or green tea – or just use a regular ice cube. Rub an ice cube on your skin. Ice Cube quickly constricts blood vessels, so you’ll still get lots of pore shrinking and glowing skin benefits. It’s key to absorbing the product and your makeup will lighten flawlessly if you give a little ice cube face before applying foundation.

Of course if you like tools, you can’t go wrong with an Ice drum. I hope this skincare post brings you value and you try these milk ice cubes on your face.

Peace, love and ice.

Q, Lauren

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