Inside Concept Photo Studio: The Los Angeles Photo Studio Bringing Creativity To Life


While the city of Los Angeles is recognized globally for being the center of the
entertainment industry and a hub for the world’s major studio facilities and production
houses, it is also home to thousands of talented artists, musicians, creative
entrepreneurs, and small business owners working to contribute towards the city’s rich
cultural heritage.

The arts scene in LA provides endless possibilities for collaboration and growth — from
the traditional to the avant-garde. There is no shortage of opportunities to bring a
creative idea from concept to inception with the help of the city’s vast network of
independent creative professionals.

Meet Irina Estyunina, the owner of Concept Photo Studio, the Los Angeles photo
studio that has quickly become one of the city’s most beloved independent creative
studios, where the studio has become the canvas for over 400 different creative
projects Irina has helped bring to life.

Irina began her journey working in front of the camera as a former fashion model but
always considered the world behind the scenes to be more intriguing. Apart from being
a model, she also worked as a creative director and helped produced several projects
in New York. Years later, she made her way to Los Angeles and started Concept Photo
Studio in pursuit of her dream.

“It wasn’t something I’d planned, but deep inside, I am a leader with a unique vision.
Being adventurous, I took my chances, and here we are,” says Irina Estyunina.
Concept Photo Studio provides its clients with an expansive collection of looks to help
them achieve their vision, including backdrops, a green screen, a cyclorama wall, and
furnished flex setups that can be used.

The Los Angeles creative community adores Irina’s hands-on approach — guiding
each client through the entire creative process from start to finish until their vision is

“Concept Photo Studio has a reputation and has attracted many returning guests. I
constantly set up positive vibes. It is a crucial point for a good and productive day!
Every photo and video production brings a new team, and I am excited to get to know
each of them. It’s unbelievable to witness how many talented people I have had the
chance to work with,” says Irina Estyunina.

Every day is a bright new adventure for Concept Photo Studio where it’s not
uncommon for Irina to help with a music video one day, a fashion editorial shoot the
next, and a feature film the following day. No matter what the production calls for, Irina
makes sure she is present to be of assistance and service.

“I ensure the technical team has everything they need, sometimes helping them set up
lights or backdrops. I am always there throughout the day in case they need my help.
During the day, I can feel a client’s workflow, and if the team needs extra time, I am
happy to accommodate the request,” says Irina Estyunina.

The city of Los Angeles is filled with talented people working to share their vision with
the rest of the world. Irina and Concept Photo Studio is a shining example of how the
independent arts scene in LA allows people to share their passion projects, building a
community that’s larger than any single person or project.

About Concept Photo Studio
Concept Photo Studio is a studio rental house for photoshoots, video shoots,
commercials, music videos, art classes, meetups, and more.

Visit Concept Photo Studio’s Website:

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