Interesting facts about the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia


When Muhyiddin Yassin stepped down as prime minister on August 16, the nation began to wonder who would be the next to take the job. Two candidates have been announced: Anwar Ibrahim and Ismail Sabry.

Today, MP Ismail Sabri Yacoub was appointed 9 Prime (PM) from Malaysia. Quoting a statement, Estana Negara said Ismail Sabri will be sworn in at 2:30 pm tomorrow (August 21).

Malaysians recently know him as the defense minister who has been in the spotlight since the Foreign Ministry was first announced in March. We watched as he briefed the public on the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding restrictions on movement in the country under the government of former Prime Minister Muhyiddin.

Now that he’s set to rule the country for the foreseeable future (two years until the next GE, at least), we’ve looked into his career (and a bit of his personal life) to get a better idea of ​​who Ismail Sabry is.

1. He is the shortest-serving Deputy Prime Minister for only 40 days

It was announced that my patience was Registered at the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office (DPM) In Putrajaya on July 9, 2021. Promoted from Senior Minister to assist the then Prime Minister in running the country and meeting the needs of the people in economic and health crises.

If he is sworn in as planned, Sabri will once again be promoted to be the 9 p.m. clock in the country at 2:30 p.m. on August 21, 2021, putting his tenure as DPM at a total of 40 days.

It will be the DPM’s shortest tenure to date, after Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s one-year reign, and 279 days as Mahathir Mohamad’s right-hand man after Pakatan Harapan’s GE14 win in 2018.

2. Came from a background in law

When he was elected defense minister, many Malaysians questioned his competence as he had no previous experience in this position.

Sabri himself admitted to Interview with NST“I have no experience as a defense minister. He was never entrusted to me. [with] that wallet. However, I can always refer to ministerial records and decisions taken to understand and study all matters related to the ministry.”

Instead, his training was in the field of law, where he obtained his LLB from the University of Malaya in 1980 and wrote a thesis titled “Treatment of Political Detainees in Malaysia”.

He began his career as a lawyer in 1985 before being appointed to the committee of the UMNO Tamerloh department in 1987. That was the beginning of his political career.

Since then, Sabri has held several different ministerial positions. Including In agriculture, internal trade, rural development, defense and now the prime minister.

3. His wife chooses him cakeLike batik shirts

Just look at the similarity/image credit: Borneo Post

Sabry was once a town joker for wearing colorful batik shirts during his daily press conferences. Viewers even compared his T-shirts to the most delicious Ramadan dishes.

Apparently, it is his wife who chooses what to wear based on how compatible it is with the other things he wears.

He also told NST that he was really happy to receive such feedback from viewers, as he saw it as a positive sign that people were following the daily press conferences for updates on the latest MCO and CMCO news.

4. He has family members who are famous in the field of creative arts

Sabri’s son, Gaddafi Ismail Sabry (or better known as Dafi) is a singer, and was a participant in the fifth season of the Akademi Fantasia reality show.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Nina Sabrina, is the wife of fashion designer Jovian Mandaghi, who sometimes gives Sabry fashion advice on what to wear to press conferences.

5. He is the first prime minister who is not the president of UMNO

Sabri’s appointment as prime minister makes him the first UMNO prime minister who is not the party’s head – it’s fair One of the 3 vice presidents. The support of 114 deputies was enough by a simple majority to persuade Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to nominate him for the position of prime minister.

Following this announcement, UMNO, Malaysia’s longest-ruling political party, will be appointed to regain the premiership after losing in the 2018 elections.

6. He has no known corruption cases

Malaysia is no stranger to its politicians being arrested for corruption. But so far, Sabri has no known corruption cases, although he has raised a list of controversies over the years as a minister.

Some sensitive elements of racism include the alleged 2015 Facebook comments urging Malays to boycott Chinese companies To force them to cut prices in line with falling oil prices. This caused offense to a few parties, including DAP to file a police report against this statement.

In the same year, Sabri sparked more controversy when he said Suggest “Low Yat 2”, a mall for digital gadgets that would accommodate only Malay merchants to compete with the existing Plaza Low Yat. Liow Tiong Lai, then head of MCA, scrapped the idea of ​​creating Low Yat 2 It only hurts race relationsShe described the idea of ​​just creating a Bumiputera shopping center as a “hostile approach”.

A fellow UMNO member is also a member of Saifuddin Abdullah swipe the suggestion, claiming that Sabri’s suggestion would be detrimental to Malaysians and Malaysians in general.

These are just two of Sabri’s well-known controversies, but they leave no doubt about the fact that Sabri is a polarizing figure due to his opinions and statements.

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Mohieldin leaves Sabri with a heavy responsibility to bear. All eyes will be on the new prime minister to see if he has what it takes to turn the tide of Malaysia’s fate amid the pandemic.

His past disagreements have already left some Malaysians with many doubts about his ability to propose and implement positive change and growth for the country, and the ball is in his court to change their minds.

Featured Image Credit: Ismail Sabry Yacoub

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