Introducing Solids: Your Baby’s First Food


Baby's first foods have a skinny secret

Lindsay Surowitz and I met in sixth grade. That’s right. Sixth grade!

We were introduced by our friend Lauren and fell in love with it instantly. She is not only beautiful with the best skin, she is also gorgeous, kind and smart.

We had a full 360 moment when doo blog designed her blog, Weekend bite. Blog-doo is a company I created with Erica of Fashionable. We help creators create logos, mood boards, and blogs in a very beautiful (if I say so myself) way.

Anyway, it was great to watch her blog flourish. Lindsay shares many good and healthy recipes. My absolute favorite post is Gluten Free Pancakes. Try it with 5 seconds jam And you’ll be obsessed.

I asked Lindsay to come skinny secret A 3-part series on feeding children. In today’s post, she shares tips on how to introduce solid foods to your baby and how to keep yourself calm when doing so. Specifically, you’ll love her suggestions for first foods to serve.

With that, let’s welcome Lindsay Weekend bite To the blog!

Introducing Solids: Your Baby’s First Food


Introducing Solids: Your Baby's First Food

Hello TSC readers! I’m Lindsay Surowitz, I’m a blogger, nutritionist and (ish) new mom sharing all my accessible health tips, easy recipes and healthy everyday content in over Weekend bite.

Lauryn and I have known each other since elementary school, and it was so fun to go through such a big transition into motherhood at the same time. My son Noah is just over 18 months old, two months ahead of Zaza, so once Lauren jumped into the world of rendering solids, I was so excited to share tips and tricks with her (and now all of you!)!

Let me start by saying, I’m not the expert on all things “rendering solids” – I’m just a mom who’s been there before and learned a lot along the way! At first, this made me really nervous, but after going through it, I have a few tips (…as Lauren says) that can comfort new moms when they start eating solid foods too!

Tips for introducing solids to your baby

♡ Start when you feel ready and when your baby is ready – every baby is different!

I was shocked by Noah’s 4 month pediatric appointment where the doctor said we could actually start eating solid foods if we wanted to. He said I’d be able to tell if Noah was ready based on two things:

1 – if he is very strong supporting himself in his high chair, and 2 – if he seems really interested in food when we eat around him. I didn’t really feel like we were there on either front, so we waited until he was only about 6 months old, which time he was really looking forward to my meals, reaching for my plate, and sitting more stable. You will know when the time is right!

♡ Take classes and tips from the experts who make it easy and fun.

Before starting, I would 100% recommend taking an infant CPR class (or a refinement if you’ve already taken it during pregnancy). My biggest fear (like every parent, I’m sure!) was Noah choking, so you definitely want to understand the cues and differences between choking and gagging, and how to approach each situation.

Gagging is actually a positive because it helps your baby develop his own reflex, while choking is downright terrifying, but knowing the signals and how to respond will help put you at ease!

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there and I felt like people were really excited about puree versus baby-led weaning (more on that later!), so I just wanted someone to simplify it for me. I had a private session with Jessica Diamond, (who is now co-host of Dear Media Podcast called The meaning of living fully! ), and changed everything for me.

Any parents who are about to introduce solid foods to their children should definitely give it to them This podcast episode Listen – it’s a game-changing! She also has Online course It’s very easy to work your way up and will give you complete confidence in entering this fun feeding class with your baby!

Introducing Solids: Your Baby's First Food
Offer solid food to your baby
♡ BE FLEXIBLE – Don’t eat one specific way to feed your baby.

I don’t really understand why people make it seem like you have to choose between feeding your baby puree or following the baby-led weaning (BLW) system. If you are not familiar with BLW, it is basically to skip the puree stage and let your child feed himself with finger food from the start.

It’s supposed to be really cool for their fine motor skills and teaching them to be independent eaters, but are you kidding me?? …as a first-time nervous mom, mashed avocado made me feel more comfortable at first handing Noah a spear than anything!

Do what works for you and your baby, but don’t be afraid to make a mix of the two and keep trying new foods, textures, and ways to prepare them as you feel more comfortable.

♡ Embrace the chaos!

quotes This Podcast episode, Embrace Mayhem! It’s about to make a real mess in your kitchen, so buckle up and enjoy this ride with your child! This is all part of the experience for them. It teaches them to use their hands, it’s a good sensory experience, makes them comfortable around foods, etc. good bib & a mat Under the highchair!

♡ Don’t give up!

When you start out, your baby will make all kinds of faces and reactions when he tries new foods for the first time. This does not mean that they do not like it!

It may take several tries before they learn to like something, so keep trying it, even if you have to try it in all different forms. For example, Noah wasn’t interested in broccoli at all at first, but then I mixed it in some eggs and melted it. After two weeks, he was happy eating broccoli on his own.

Keep going and don’t get discouraged!

first baby food

Some ideas for first foods…

Stay tuned for Part Two of this series which will feature some of our favorite recipes (Favorite Zaza and Noah’s Pies!), but here’s a quick rundown of the foods we started with. Obviously every kid is different, but I’m just going to share the ranking of the foods we’ve tried!

  1. Mashed avocado الأ
  2. Mashed sweet potato + cinnamon
  3. mashed banana
  4. Mashed carrots + nutmeg
  5. Mashed cauliflower
  6. mashed apple + cloves
  7. Ready-to-eat finger foods: Banana Egg Pancakes – Recipe coming soon!
  8. More finger foods: fried broccoli florets and fried zucchini spears


I hope you liked this post and it left you excited about feeding your baby solid foods for the first time. Lindsay will be back soon with this Banana Egg Pie recipe.

Also stay tuned because I’ll be on Lindsay’s blog and share something special soon, too.

x Lauren

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