Is AJ Brown’s vocal appeal enough to recruit Julio Jones to join the Titans?


Julio Jones made clear his intentions that he no longer wanted to play for the Atlanta Falcons. In an impromptu interview with Shannon Sharp, he said, “I want to win.” That’s huge: Shannon Sharp called Julio Jones directly on @UnContested: Giulio said he’s “out there” when asked if he wanted to stay in Atlanta. He also said he doesn’t want to go cowboy. “I want to win” Holy Cow. I don’t think he knew he lived.— NFL Update (MySportsUpdate) May 24, 2021 The Falcons have not won much since losing in overtime 28-34 during Super Bowl LI against the New England Patriots. Atlanta’s only other time spent in the Super Bowl was 18 years ago when it lost to the Denver Broncos. Julio Jones has shown his intent to transfer from the Atlanta Falcons, and there are a few teams willing to dig their claws at the Jones. One of them is Tennessee Titans, who already has two players trying to publicly recruit Jones, namely bringing back Derek Henry and wide receiver AJ Brown. It’s important to note that Jones doesn’t have much (or anything) to say where he’s going. Be formulated. But that didn’t stop Brown from doing so and sending and publishing a voice message to Jones. AJ Brown is doing his part in an effort to get Julio to #Titans. “If you want to carry the load, you can carry it. If you feel tired, you know I will carry you. … We are waiting for you here. You say you want to win, right? We need a few more pieces. Trust me.” – NFL Update (MySportsUpdate) On May 25, 2021 Brown announced his enlistment with a post describing why Jones wanted to play with the Titans. The Gun Titans are already opening up to a potential Jones landing in Tennessee, and Jones has reportedly requested a deal from the Falcons months ago, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, and Atlanta has welcomed a follow-up trade. And WR Julio Jones: All-Pro requested a deal from the organization a few months ago, sources say, then the team agreed to hear the offers. This is how it started and why it continues. – Ian Rapoport (@ RapSheet) May 24, 2021 Brown’s campaign won’t affect Jones’ hiring, while Brown’s hiring efforts are inspiring, his voice message won’t have much impact in the end. It wouldn’t have much of an effect on whether or not Jones was recruited into the Titans. Titans’ general manager, John Robinson, will need to make an effort to bring Jones back to Tennessee.Jones has not responded to either letter sent two years later, but he rarely posts on social media. Influencing Jones’ status, he’s rude. A player trying to recruit another player, whether public or private, messes up. The league’s legal tampering period occurred in March, although it only applies to unrestricted free agents. The NFL does not penalize players for stalking specific players. But due to tampering violations, NFL players typically have no power or influence over roster decisions, unlike the NBA, where players are more influential. McLean before starting the free agency. Log in / Register to reply


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