Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier got into a showdown at UFC 261


Jacksonville, Florida – Jake Paul was booed as he walked into his seat at UFC 261. Before long, he started hymns. Cheering rang all over the arena as Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira beat her in the premier show. UFC commentator Joe Rogan caught the attention. “What are they chanting?” Rogan asked on the broadcast, even though nobody had an answer at the time. Immediately after Brown presented Oliveira with a naked backstitch with one arm, Rogan let viewers know what the cheer was. “I found out what the hymn is.” Rogan said. “That’s what they were all shouting about. How did that start? I don’t know. “Having Paul seemed to hit and tense with Rogan’s broadcast partner, Daniel Cormier, who was recently born with a YouTube star turned boxer.” I swear to God, I just saw Jack Paul. I pointed at him and said, “Don’t play with me, because I’m going to hit him in the face,” Cormer replied. “He’s there. I’ll slap him. I don’t play those games, Joe.” Daniel Cormier wants to slap Jake Paul for Mao # ufc261 pic.twitter.com/PVas9Oq0CI – THE NBA Hustle 🏀 (TheNBAHustle) April 25, 2021 but that was not. After Brown’s post-fight interview ended and the popular UFC “Papa O’Reilly” montage was played in front of a live audience for the first time in 13 months, Cormer left office and made a line B toward where Paul was sitting. When UFC Security enters, Cormier exchanges words with Paul before being escorted to his seat next to his cage. The exchange was captured by MMA Junkie’s John Morgan and can be seen in the video above and the tweet below. Jake Paul is in the building at # UFC261. Did you hear Daniel Cormier say on the broadcast that he “slapped him in the face?” Well, they had a showdown. 😬 (🎥MMAjunkieJohn) pic.twitter.com/ilwWgIO2rw – MMA Junkie (MMAjunkie) April 25, 2021 Here’s the video 👇 Daniel Cormer faces Jake Paul in # UFC261 pic.twitter.com/VbQ2rwTrdP – Seán Sheehan (SeanShee) April 25, 2021 showdown Cormer and Paul did not occur immediately. Since Paul knocked out Ben Askreen last Saturday, he has exchanged words with Cormer on social media and in interviews. In the final episode of his brother Logan Paul’s podcast, “IMPAULSIVE,” Jake appeared on Cormier for his previous support of Askren. Paul said, “Shut the curse, you bastard.” “I’ll beat f * ck off your fat ass too, just like Stipe did. Cleveland sh * t. I swear to God. I’ll beat the bitch from Daniel Cormier.” On ESPN, Cormier ignored Paul’s comments – and a tweet sent by the YouTube star, which offended Cormer. The former UFC Heavyweight and Lightweight Champion said he wasn’t interested in “hitting” by fighting someone like Paul. “This guy will never fight me,” Cormier said on ESPN. “I was going to kill him. Why would I fight someone like that?” UFC 261: Best Pictures from Jacksonville View 51 photos Photos: Daniel Cormier through the Years View 76 photos


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