Josh Warrington vs. Mauricio Lara: Was Shaw sending a warning while Leeds Warrior tries to get the heroes’ attention | Boxing News


James Dielhenn chief boxing journalist JamesDielhenn Josh Warrington warned by his future rival Kan Shaw: “The key to victory is not skills, it is about our hearts. He who has a stronger heart wins the fight.” Warrington first fights with Mauricio Lara Saturday night, 7 pm, live on Sky Sports Last update: 02/13/21 11:19 am 4:12 Ricky Hutton sees similarities between himself and Josh Warrington, Ricky Hutton sees similarities between him and Josh Warrington. He was warned not to remain unbeaten tonight against Mauricio Lara by his future rival was Shaw, who awaits “speed and constant punching” “Leeds Warrior”. Warrington promised to eliminate Lara within six rounds of Saturday Night’s battle, live on Sky Sports from 7 pm, to secure the opportunity to shine a spotlight on his career against a featherweight champion. WBA), Gary Russell Jr (WBC), or Emanuel Navarrete (WBO) to determine the true number 1, and received a warning from his future competitor. 3:55 Josh Warrington: My hands are full! Josh Warrington: My hands are full! “I’m sure I’ll be the one to end Josh’s unbeaten record,” Monster Show told Sky Sports. “A fighter must always believe that he can win and maintain that big heart from start to finish. I know a lot of boxing fans don’t believe That I can stop Josh’s record, it doesn’t matter. I would like to do it. Show those people who look at me with contempt what I can do, just as I did every time away from home. “Speed ​​and constant punches are my best weapon, but Josh has it too.” We are both warriors. We also have the best teams, which is why I don’t think there is a big gap between us. ”The key to victory is not skills, it is about our hearts. He who has a stronger heart wins the fight. “Warrington is concerned about Lara’s ability in KO, Josh Warrington will wear Rob Burrow’s name and number on his shorts. Warrington is left in tears when he bumps into a table with Xu in the world title unification battle at Headingley, the home of the Leeds Rhinos rugby team, is closely linked to his city – Joined by Vinnie Jones and current Leeds United captain Liam Cooper, he will dress tonight in honor of unicorn legend Rob Burrows in his shorts.Leeds became a cauldron of air when he upset Lee Selby to become world champion in 2018. Another very important occasion is what Warrington pursues it but must send Lara tonight first. “Dream match Warrington promoter Eddie Hearn said,” -up is the fight of Xu. But I see Navarete as the main player. ” Stylistically, I’d love to see Xu fight. Two guys with phenomenal directing, everything, come to the front. “The perfect year 2021 would be Lara, Shaw, Russell Jr., Navaretti. That’s Hell of the Year. Two of those three would be awesome.” Josh Warrington aims to fight unbeaten WBA Champion Can Xu at 30, Warrington described tonight’s opponent Lara as Banana skin. “But the next job is to look devastating.” He got a better knockdown, Warrington told Sky Sports, “A greater percentage of me.” But can he do the 12 rounds as well as I can? Has he got the same amount of experience? I think he can. But it’s up to me to expose it. “He has punch power but, if I weren’t there to hit, he would hit the air.” It won’t exceed six rounds. I think so strongly. ”MYSTERY MAN🤔Emanuel Navarrete described Mauricio Lara as the fiercest heavy he had ever faced … Are we ready to get upset on Saturday? 🇲🇽⚡— Sky Sports Boxing (SkySportsBoxing) February 12, 2021 3:42 Josh Warrington: I’ll explain why I’m No. 1 Josh Warrington: I’ll explain why I’m No. 1 Warrington is one of Britain’s most underrated boxers – at his peak at age 30, he already had two definite victories over Selby and Karl Frampton but looking for more. Small Hall appears without fanfare, rising to win the English, British, European, Commonwealth and World title belts with his father, Sean O’Hagan, as his coach.Now he smashes them because the boxer is a fight away is one of the biggest moments of his career – but to grab it, he must definitely send Lara on Saturday night.


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