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This article is for you if you have wanted to rent a bounce house for your child’s party.

The bounce house usually exhausts the kids and expels the majority of their resources. This allows them to relax and participate in the other events at the gathering. It also makes the party easier to handle for the parents, as they won’t have to spend the entire time running after their kids.

Keeping The Bouncy House in Good Shape

You’ll need to pay attention to proper maintenance if you want the bounce house to last a few years. Don’t worry, it won’t take long or be challenging. It should, however, be done regularlythem. Here are a few pointers:

  • Bounce House Should Be Cleaned

You’ll need to keep the main bounce area clean if your kids will be using the bouncy house every weekend. Kids will track in the dirt as they enter and exit the system. Vacuuming is the safest way to sweep.

After vacuuming the bounce field, scrubbing stubborn dirt spots with soapy water and a soft brush can remove them. When selecting a cleaning formula, exercise caution. It’s best to contact the manufacturer and request a cleaning solution recommendation. Stains will result from failing to clean dirty spots.

Cleaning the bounce house is necessary not only to keep it clean but also to keep it dry. Dirt and debris can irritate a child’s eyes. After each case, we suggest cleaning the bounce house.

  • Clean up the bouncy house

Cleaning the bounce house with soap and water is a smart idea, but you’ll still need to sanitize it from time to time. There are several different sanitizing fluids on the market, but some of them can harm the fabric of the inflatable house.

Some owners of rental businesses use cleaning and sanitizing items intended for wrestling and gymnastics mats. These items are usually compatible with bouncy houses. Test the solution on a small area to make sure it won’t damage your bounce house.

Sanitizing is a straightforward procedure. Spray the whole unit, paying particular attention to the corners, and clean away any excess with a rag. This will keep the bounce house from being a breeding ground for germs.

  • Until storing, make sure it is fully dry.

Enable the fabric to dry fully before storing it after you’ve finished washing and/or sanitizing it. This keeps mildew at bay and cleaning agents from collecting in puddles. Using a leaf blower to speed up the drying of the inflatable until all the wet spots are gone.

Water parks, of course, must be dried for each use. When you fold a wet inflatable structure, mildew will grow and unpleasant odors will develop. This will stain the fabric in the long run.

  • If the bouncy house loses air, don’t use it.

It’s time to get the kids out of the bouncy house as soon as possible if the bouncy house begins to lose air. Be aware that small children can not know the bouncy house is losing air, so keep an eye on them.

Jumping inside a bouncy house that has lost air can cause fabric damage. The tarps are no longer protected by an air cushion, and the extra ‘give’ could result in a tear. The extra slack in the fabric will damage the seams as well.

Injuries may also occur when a bouncy house deflates. A child on a downward jump without a pressurized air cushion may collide with the hard ground. The safest course of action is to evacuate everyone and fix the problem.

Here are some more suggestions:

  • Remove any sharp objects from the pockets of children. Consider keys and pens. These could rip the fabric or cause serious injuries.
  • When the kids are playing in the inflatable frame, teach them not to force each other. Rough housing can cause children to collide with one another or, worse, be ejected from the bounce house.
  • Teach kids not to jump against the bounce house’s walls if it has them. This may cause the entire structure to collapse, causing injury.
  • Before joining the bounce house, make sure the kids have taken off their glasses, jewelry, and shoes. This could harm the fabric or, even worse, harm another child.
  • Allow children to bring no bottles, fruit, or drinks into the bounce house. This could cause messes that you’ll have to clean up later. A glass bottle or cutlery can also be dangerous.
  • Place the bounce house away from any walls, gazebos, greenhouses, tree branches, or fences on your property. Setting the bounce house too close to these can result in structural damage or injuries.
  • Remember that while the kids are playing, they can run around the bounce house. Set it up as far away from any obstacles as possible.

In Conclusion,

In the long run, buying your own bounce house rather than renting one would save you money. After two or three leases, most parents will get their money back (depending on the size and model of the inflatable). Bounce house rentals in Aledo, TX are usually only cost-effective for people who only need it for a single case.

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