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1016 Industries

1016 Industries, which debuted at 2021 Auto Week in Pebble Beach, introduced its latest $650,000 carbon-fiber McLaren 720S, the intensely purple exotic that uses materials that are usually unimaginably lightweight. Known for its continued focus on using the most advanced technology, the latest 1016 Industries 720S highlights the company’s commitment to delivering the most customized high-performance exotic vehicle(s).

“From day one, purple was really the boldest color 1016 Industries could think of for the 720S exposed all-carbon. Everything was designed to compliment every little detail on the car,” commented Peter Northrup, founder of 1016 Industries.

“For the 720S, our carbon fiber work is the cornerstone. In addition to a unique design and design, the benefits of incorporating carbon fiber materials into exotic rigs like the 720S are irrefutable. At 1016 Industries, our focus is on perfecting how to use the best applied materials to accentuate the elements. Exotic, not only, but outperforms on every level.”

After years of research and development, 1016 Industries has perfected its complex construction processes to produce the highest levels of elite customization. The latest example is the purple McLaren 720S. This exotic vehicle features more than 250 pounds of weight – which comes from 3D-printed parts and pieces that replace the original vehicle’s exterior. Carbon fiber body panels, etc., are what lead to a significant weight reduction.

Fortunately, installing these carbon fiber parts doesn’t take long, so depending on shipping, most potential buyers don’t have to wait for the parts to arrive and to coordinate the installation.

This company also includes a BF Stage 2 tune – a performance tune that augments the vehicle’s performance through the vehicle’s internal computer. The four-liter twin-turbo V8 is boosted from 710 hp to 900 hp – also thanks to the BF Stage 2 tune.

1016 Industries has also greatly upgraded the vehicle’s overall power with 900 hp (nearly 200 hp more than the original car). This exotic purple also has an exclusive racing-equipped stainless steel exhaust system.

Industries I016 – McLaren 720S

The exotic car industry continues to post historic growth with demand at an all-time high – this growth has been dubbed the post-pandemic impact Carpe Diem (Live For The Day) – and 1016 Industries is one of the few manufacturers in this class capable to keep up with it, by controlling their supply pipeline. The complete range of 1016 Industries parts and products is not in short supply, ready and available to customers.

“With most companies focused on global manufacturing, 1016 Industries has developed an infrastructure as our company has expanded here, nationwide. The past year has seen amazing demand, and our company has taken early steps to make sure we can keep up with our customers’ demands,” Northrop continues. “Thanks to our focus on manufacturing, 1016 Industries is able to make our designs faster, more accurate and more efficient to keep pace with sales.”

With a $650,000 price tag, the purple 1016 Industries McLaren 720S is once again showing off its potential for using carbon fiber and 3D printing in exotic car designs. For more information on the 1016 Industries 720S and other current vehicles, please visit Or call 908-285-3250.

1016 Industries

Industries I016

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