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For members of the Pan-Asian Community, we have compiled a list of organizations that provide mental health resources and connect Asians with culturally informed healers. We’ve included some links to public health resources and online cultural communities as well.

Below that, you’ll find a list of ethnic justice organizations committed to combating hate and violence, advancing and empowering Asian societies. We have also included crowdfunding campaigns that allow you to donate to directly support victims and families of violence against Asia.

Discrimination and violence against Asian societies are fueled by white supremacy. For our white readers, we included a few resources, including spectator intervention exercises and education about the history and current state of systemic discrimination in the United States.

Mental health resources by and for Asian societies

  1. The Asian Collective of Mental Health It works to normalize and de-stigmatize conversations about mental health in Asian societies around the world. Provides Directory of healers in Asia Pacific Islands and South America (APISAA) Plus a list of community organizations and podcasts, Mukbang Mental Health.

  2. The Asian Mental Health Project She is a Los Angeles-based community organization that focuses on Asian American mental health and emotional well-being. Founder Carrie Zhang hosts weekly Community check-ins over Zoom, where members can openly engage and hear guest facilitators about managing anxiety, Intergenerational traumaToxic masculinity, and more. The organization also hosts virtual wellness conferences focusing on the intersection of culture, social issues, and mental health. You can donate to AMHP GoFundMe To support online mental health services and resources. (An application for nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status is currently being applied.)

  3. Holistic healers It is a database that connects anyone seeking culturally sensitive care to therapists Sweat trauma training. It also has a specific directory for those looking for Distance treatment at a reduced cost.

  4. Lotus Project It is a youth-led, nonprofit mental health organization that disassembles The typical minority stereotype Through culturally informed education and community empowerment.

  5. The National Alliance of the Asian Pacific Islands It is a federation of LGBTQIA + national and local organizations that serve Asian Americans. they List of member organizations It is a useful tool for those seeking support and the community.

  6. Asian American Suicide Prevention and Education It is an organization that provides educational materials to address mental health stigma and suicide in Asian American societies.

  7. Red Canary Song It is a grassroots organization of Asian and immigrant sex workers who build labor rights frameworks and provide mutual assistance with the goal of ending sex trafficking.

Other mental health resources

  1. open It is a yoga, meditation and breathing therapy studio with notable teachers, including Mel Mah And co-founder Hands day. It offers unlimited lessons for $ 20 a month.

  2. vacuum Mindfulness meditation is offered on demand, including lessons in dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, and loneliness. The chain with Rachel Rickets It might sound particularly helpful: It focuses on racial injustice and grief. After a seven or fourteen-day free trial period, the subscription fee is $ 12.99 a month or $ 69.99 a year. Student and group plans are also available.

Organizations that celebrate Asian American culture and identity

  1. Pace Project It is a student and youth-led organization that celebrates Asian American identity through visual art, writing, community interviews, and podcasts.

  2. Our experience It is an online platform for Asian Americans to share stories of cultural identity.

  3. Asian American Girl Club It is an online community and brand for girls and women across Asia. He works to reverse stereotypes and rewrite a narrative of what it means to be an Asian American woman.

  4. AAPI Women Leadership It is a progressive organization that aims to end racial and gender-based violence by increasing the visibility of Asian and Pacific Island women and upgrading their stories, histories and living experiences.

Direct support to families of victims of racial violence

  1. The number of families affected by racial violence is enormous. There are funds created to help families provide for themselves, hold funerals, and take legal action against the people responsible for killing their loved ones. Any list we provide will represent only a small portion of these cases. Please consider contributing to the Hayat Tribute Fund Hyun Joong GrantAnd Sonsha KimAnd Young IUAnd Xiao Ji TanAnd Soon Chung ParkAnd Daoyou Feng and many others, research incidents of racial violence in your local community to find ways to support families close to home and dismantle the systems that made their killing possible.

  2. GoFundMe has established a hub for Crowdfunding campaigns for those affected Through violence against Asian societies, including those Directly affected by the attacks in Atlanta.

Anti-racism organizations, education and training

  1. The Asian American Education and Legal Defense Fund It is a civil rights group that provides legal resources to Asian American community organizations and leads legal and policy action against violence against Asians, police misconduct, and human trafficking.

  2. The Asian American Feminist Caucus It is a multi-faceted feminist policy alliance rooted in Asian American societies.

  3. Hate is a virus The AAPI is the Anti-Racism Advocacy and Mobilization Group. Via Community Action FundIn it, it raises funds for national and local organizations that focus on mental health programs, elder protection, representation of the American Association of Older people, and solidarity building.

  4. Stop Hate AAPI AAPI is an alliance that tackles hate crimes and anti-Asian rhetoric. It is a platform for reporting hate incidents, disseminating safety information, and raising funds for anti-racism response networks, such as Movement axis.

  5. Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit It is the work of fifteen Asian American grassroots organizations that research the structural roots of racism, capitalism, colonialism and imperialism. The 300-page toolkit is free to download, and there are workbook modules designed for both group workshops and individual learning on topics such as The typical minority stereotypeSex, patriarchy and racism against blacks.

  6. Holaback! And Asian Americans Advance Justice It has partnered to provide free spectator intervention training and conflict mitigation training. Join a session to Learn intervention strategies With racist harassment and xenophobia, both online and in real life.

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