My favorite magazine is A Free Catalog of Fungi – Yeah, you heard it right


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The magazine sheet was matte with a slight sheen, almost chipped, and the photo on the cover looked as if it had been taken at dawn, its subject emerging from a dark forest and staring in amazement at a barrel-shaped living being hanging from a tree. Was the man Paul Stamets It was the object of his desire Agarecon mushroom.

I instantly recognized Stamets as my mycologist from Wonderful fungi– A 2019 documentary that explores the rich environmental and healing properties of mushrooms – and reads like a great extension to the movie. loved it. As I flipped the magazine, I learned about the benefits of different types of fungi and how mushroom spores form, read a recipe for reishi chili, and discovered a wealth of nutritional supplements and foraging tools.

I guess now is the time to tell you that this “magazine” is actually a free catalog (remember those?). I have arrived by mail with my last order from MyCommunity Defense Capsules host From Stamets, For a perfect implementation. I first started taking a blend of 17 immune defense mushrooms last year while I had a severe cold in the head all I can say is that I haven’t gotten sick since then.

Washington-based Fungi Perfecti was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to growing and selling gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in supplement form. ExcerptsAnd the Tea, And more. They have published their annual catalog for over 30 years with a simple goal: to attract their (me) customers to the vast world of mushrooms. Sure, it’s branded content – but it’s also a great read.

I’m not a mycologist, but I love to cook with shiitakes and chanterelles and swear by fungicide supplements. Meanwhile, mushroom ads are growing popups and tints in my Instagram feed on a regular basis. What I love about Fungi Perfecti – at his side Morel Candle Beeswax And a perfect juice Powders—- Because it has been researching, researching and developing mushrooms for consumer education and healthy consumption since 1980. Stamets had believed in the power of mushrooms long ago before they could double-tap your smartphone and channels that went to great lengths to share knowledge as a roundup of their products.

Browsing the carefully produced Fungi Perfecti catalog is more comprehensive and fun than the virtual buying experiences you have anticipated. Together with shroom-y products, the analog approach informs me of the research that goes into their development and helps me decide which consumables are right for me – whether or not I’m buying from the brand. I’ll keep the catalog until next year’s release, so I can look for items of the fungus when it’s time to restock my capsules. Some might call it good marketing. I call it magic.

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