Plastic Tote Tank Mixer


BASCO is a leader in industrial blending equipment, such as IBC-tote models. IBC tote machines and other industrial blending equipment handle various uses such as oil, paint liquids, thinned liquids, as well as other thick liquids, which are also available in manual, electrical hydraulic, hydraulic or explosion-proof models. These industrial mixers and totes can be purchased for residential, commercial and industrial usage. The IBC tote mixer will be discussed in the next paragraphs.

There are a variety of reasons a company may require the use of an IBC tote agitator. If a business needs to mix hundreds of gallons of industrial fluid, they’ll need to get price quotes from various suppliers. It isn’t easy to select the right one for you. Additionally, if there’s an immense amount of liquid to be made, it would be unpractical to hire a team of professionals to mix it manually. The solution was to have an industrial fluid mixer available. The machine can swiftly and easily mix the quantity of liquid needed.

The IBC mixer is powered by two standard electric engines

The one engine can mix one gallon of industrial fluid while the other can mix up to twenty-two gallon of liquid at once. It features a high-precision digital readout that displays the exact amount of liquid that needs to be mixed. This information is displayed in real-time so that the operator is aware of exactly what to do at the right moment. Mixing large amounts of liquid simultaneously isn’t easy so having a Tote Mixer that is powerful enough to accomplish this is crucial.

Tote Mixers come in a wide range of styles and styles. The IBC Plastic tote mixer mounts to stainless steel tubing which is typically used in food service equipment. The stainless steel tubing is able to stand up to high temperatures and pressure. Also stainless steel makes it easy to locate replacement parts should something go wrong with your plastic tote mixer. It is essential to select a Tote Mixer that is covered by a warranty or guarantee. It is extremely unlikely that you’ll need to use a Tote Mixer that doesn’t function properly.

There are several different manufacturers of Tote Mixer products including EZ Mixer, Autoject, Meguiore, Torit, Oreck, Pinnacle, Unverse, and Sunstar. There are many models from different manufacturers, with varying specifications and costs. It is crucial to take your time to research the right model that meets your needs. The Tote Mixer Company makes a variety of plastic mixers for totes. Some are dishwasher-safe however, others aren’t. Tote mixers and agitators can be found in most auto parts stores and home improvement stores.

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