Refreshing pineapple cooler for children


Sweetened with fruits, this pineapple drink is a delicious drink for children with no extra sugar! Skip the soda and make it for your kids at home.

Fresh, lathered and one of our favorite summer treats!

Homemade refreshing drink

Have your kids begged you to go to the drinks venues that are all noisy at the moment? Swig, Fizz, Sodalicious …… They are everywhere! ⁠

I let my kids have a soda every now and then as a treat (because the balance …) but I honestly don’t like them drinking soda. ⁠ Alternatively, I make for them premium, delicious, fruit-based drinks at home.

These pineapple coolers are not only quick to make, but there is no added sugar or sweeteners. The pineapple itself is sweet enough to make a delicious, refreshing drink. Professional Pineapple Tip: Turn the pineapple upside down on your table until it’s soft and all the sweetness will flow through the pineapple. I find that when the pineapple is really ripe, I don’t need to add any sweetener to this delicious drink. ⁠

Fresh, lathered and one of our favorite summer treats!

Homemade drinks are healthier

Did you know that for 20 ounces of Fanta Pineapple, it has 80 grams of added sugar!?!?! The first time I read I almost didn’t believe it. It’s so sweet I am amazed that the babies don’t get sick after drinking it. This is almost as much sugar as eating a pineapple on your own!

Instead of sugary soda, making a homemade pineapple cooler with fresh pineapple gives your kids plenty of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and B vitamins.

You can customize the pineapple coolers to suit your kids’ fabric preferences. You can mix it up ultra-fine, mix it with ice, or even pour it on crushed ice to make it even more flavorful of slush. If your kids like sweeter drinks, you can either use more pineapple to make it sweeter, or you can use a little honey to give it more sweetness.

Fresh, lathered and one of our favorite summer treats!

This recipe serves 3 young children and 2 adults. I really think this would be fun to present at a pool party, birthday party, or other family gatherings. Simply double and triple to feed a crowd. What a fun and healthy drink with some sparkling water! Anytime you serve it, I hope you enjoy this homemade fruit drink!

More of my favorite pineapple recipes:

  • 1 Small and medium Pineapple Chiseled, peeled off, and roughly diced for blender
  • 2 Cups Water Or, mix ice and water if you’d like it to be a slash
  • 1 Teaspoon Almond extract
  • Juice of half a lemon This is optional – my kids like it a little and I like it a lot so I tend to use a little and add more to a cup!
  • To get a soft drink, Put everything in a high-powered blender and use the juice mixture until smooth.

  • For a slush drink, Put the pineapple, half a cup of water, almond extract, and lemon juice in a high-power blender and use the juice setting mixture until the mixture is smooth. Add 1 1 / 2-2 cups of ice to a blender and blend until the ice is the size you want for the drink. You can mix a lot to get smaller ice chunks or shake a little to get more crushed ice.

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