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In partnership with our friends at Miami Cocktail Company

Because parties are more fun when the host is also having a good time: excellent canned spritz, more table grazing, eclectic world tunes, and a few other ways to stress less and keep vibes intact all night long.

One time cocktail bar

Miami Cocktail Company canned drinks are our number one choice because they are so delicious, made with the highest quality ingredients, and they really come into the party circle. They’re a carefree host’s dream: perfectly mixed, individually portioned, and require basically no cleaning. We don’t need to say more.

You can certainly choose a combination of several flavors, but there is one great and confident thing about having a single presentation tool. This summer, which we casually called “Summer Spritz”, choose our limited edition goop x Miami Cocktail Company Collaboration, Limonata SPRITZ. It’s citrusy, brilliantly herbal and effervescent, and it goes with everything. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will go to one of our favorite charitable partners, Charity: water, to help serve communities without access to clean water. This is something we can all raise a glass – or can – to.

  1. goop x Miami Cocktail Company Limonata SPRITZ

    Job x Miami Cocktail Company
    Lemonade spritz
    Miami Cocktail Company,
    $13 for 4 packs

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simple decor

grazing area

There is a time and place for multi-course dinners, and this is not one of them. Instead, set up a large table for grazing. Now if you Google “herding table” you’ll find long, elaborate tables covered end to end with rose salami and chopper crackers, and if you like it, you’ll find glory and inspiration. But if you want to take a less complicated route: For us, the beauty of a pasture table is that it’s fun and festive for guests—and very doable for hosts. A combination of scrambled bread, dip, cheese, crackers, and some type of protein–charcuterie, shrimp cocktail, or DIY oyster peeling station will do–will feed a variety of ages, tastes, and nutritional needs. We also love that this strategy relies on little or no cooking. It’s more about organizing and tidying, which is the fun part.

preserved lemon mignonette

preserved lemon minionette

This classic mignonette weed has a bit of a fermented salty bite from the preserved lemon, which is balanced by the bright, clean flavor of white wine vinegar. Serve alongside some fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce, and lemon wedges at your DIY oyster bar.

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Summer Crouttes with Avocado Dip

Summer Crudités with Avocado Dip

The combination of crunchy vegetables and a creamy, slightly spicy dip is our summer favorite.

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Feta, fig, thyme, honey

Feta, fig, thyme, and honey

High season figs are amazing on their own, but serving them alongside salty feta cheese really elevates their taste. A little honey, a little thyme, and the heat from cracked black pepper all make for an unforgettable, harmonious bite.

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Mindless playlist


One of the worst moments you can have as a host is when you realize she’s a bit quiet and your party playlist is over before you can point to the next moment. it’s a sensitive time The task that tears you away from your guests, and you can never remember the name of this adorable bolero album when the stress is on. Skip the hype and playlists altogether and stream Radiooooo instead. There’s a map on the website along with a timeline, and all you have to do is pick a decade and country and you’ll be playing popular music from that region and era. There are options for slow music (for cooling), fast music (for dancing), and weird music (for tapping…whatever that means). You’ll have the most lively melodies singing to your guests all night long – and you’ll earn credibility for your amazing eclectic taste. Try slow songs from the 70s in Brazil to start with and work your way up to fast songs from the 70s in Algeria. (It turns out that anywhere in the ’70s is fun.)

No crying spills anything

We all have that friend who is prone to glowing gestures and knocking things over. Be prepared for those little mishaps by getting this Lavant Collection Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes Pack. They do a quick job of wiping up spills, smell great (honeysuckle, who knew!), and come in a neat package for any cleaning product we’ve ever seen—it’s like you’ve pulled out a trendy little bag to help you out. Rank.

  1. Lavant Multipurpose Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

    Avant Collective
    biodegradable multipurpose
    cleaning wipes

    goop, $8

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We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest things we like and think you might like, too. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page.

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