Remembering Bromollo Yiannis, who shot the covers of these famous food magazines


January 2013 cover Bon appetite

Photography by Romulo Yannis, food design by Rebecca Yurkevich, prop design by Pamela Duncan Silver

I met him while I was doing cross-examinations and helping out Gourmet And soon he took me under his wing after we held together our common Cuban heritage. While I can’t remember a specific moment on the set, I have a favorite cover. or two. One is a pizza pie, and the other is a great piece of pork cooked in a cast iron with butter, garlic, and herbs. My memory says we shot all night and browsed hundreds of pizzas and ham chops to get those two shots. Obviously not, but it may be soon.

Rum was kind, gentle, quick-witted, and sharp-tongued. He was always making jokes and sharing beautiful photos. We lost a very good soul. –Rebecca Gorkevichfood designer مصمم

cheese picture for Bon appetite March 2012 issue

Photography by Romulo Yannis, food design by Alison Attenborough, prop design by Beverly Hyde

We’ve always enjoyed working out and he’s been joking about calling me Mrs. A. He was driving me crazy designing and tweaking Christmas candy until I let him do it and let my in-house food stylist go out! But we had so much fun making cheese and making it together – I think we worked on a nice cheese story for it Bon appetite. And one on Parmesan broth, too.

He worked at Condé Nast for 20 years and his work was his life. He wanted to work until the end. I think, especially during COVID, work has been a way for all of us to feel more normal. He has taken some beautiful pictures and has always been passionate about his work. He was an inspiration to many young photographers. –Alison Attenboroughfood designer مصمم

February 2006 cover of Gourmet magazine

Photography by Romulo Yannis, food design by Maggie Ruggiero, prop design by Julia Garcia Tobar.

Romulo was a wonderful collaborator. He thought of every element in the picture and the whole time he wanted us to roll down the aisles with his wicked sense of humor. His trademark was using a roll of Bounty paper towels to echo the light; In fact, he had several tricks up his sleeve using Bounty. Bounty was his inspiration. –Maggie Rogeriofood designer مصمم

ice cream picture of Gourmet Magazine issue August 2009

Photography by Romulo Yannis, food design by Maggie Ruggiero, prop design by Haley Thirsuelle

He was gracious and helpful with me, even though we didn’t work together much. But we felt like we’ve always known each other in our work life. –Susie Theodorofood designer مصمم

He was cute, sweet and lovable. Strong and talented pillar in Gourmet for many years. I consider myself very fortunate to have known and worked with him. It’s heartbreaking that someone so beautiful had to be taken away. –Erica Oliveira, Technical Director, Gourmet


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