[Review] Samsung Galaxy A72 features, camera, and performance


When I look back at my last Vice President judgment review Samsung Products, I can’t help but feel a little upset about the way their products still impress me (although I’m not actively trying to hate them).

To be fair, it’s my honest feedback after I’ve been a longtime confidante of Apple, I’ll admit. There are still aspects of iOS that I prefer a lot to Android, but overall, my transition wasn’t too difficult.

With th Samsung Galaxy A72 On hand for this review, I was willing to judge it harsher since I now had some appropriate experience to support me.

Very simple, but beautiful nonetheless

I’ve got the Awesome Violet variant which is pretty cool to look at, but in terms of color options, you really don’t get anything new in and of itself.

It has a plastic back that feels cheap and a bit hollow when clicked, but in the hands it gives a slight matte feel that I like.

Everyone who held the phone also praised the range of light, and liked how the camera bump was designed to be less noticeable. I think this design is the best yet for Samsung camera bumps, as far as I am I love Those are from the S series this year, too.

Good choice with camera bump design

The A72 has a decent-sized screen that I find a little larger than my liking (I judge it by how easy it is to write on it with one hand), but that means it was fun for entertainment purposes.

Its 6.7 inch screen drops the curved screen for minimal touches, and the FHD + Super AMOLED display is incredibly vibrant. Dare I say it looks better than my S20? (Yeah.)

Solid camera array

We’ve known for a while now that Samsung has beefed up the quality of the cameras in its A-series phones. I’ve never tested the A-series before this so I’m not going to pretend I have first-hand experience seeing the camera differences from last year’s A71 versus the A72.

All in all, its four lenses capture detail well, but if you’re critical the macro lens leaves more to be desired in terms of clarity. But I also wondered, in what scenario would I need a phone camera for macro photography?

The ultra-wide and telephoto lenses have performed well in my books, as I don’t have very high expectations for a phone photography anyway. I think the place I liked the most this time was the fact that the A72 is a budget-friendly phone with 30x Space Zoom.

With Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), I can really do that Some Details in pictures. Although it’s not as silly as a 100x space zoom, again, I can’t think of a normal scenario in which I would use it. It lets me see the silhouettes really well, but I still don’t rely on them to help me define the specifics of the subject.

One of the things I noticed happening was that the camera could sometimes have trouble focusing while I was trying to take a photo. I haven’t tested this yet with my older S20, so I’m not sure what I was doing to trigger the jam.

Good performance with one minor drawback

In terms of performance, battery life with average social media app usage doesn’t disappoint, although I didn’t have a single Samsung phone (for reviews) that performed poorly in this area.

This phone has a 5000mAh battery, so rest assured it can last for at least 2 days before you need a fast recharge with a 25W fast charge (1 hour to get the job done).

I mentioned earlier that the screen is pretty, however, I’ll notice a cut in acceptance of the touchscreen every now and then. This is a world first problem, I know. Overall, this shouldn’t be a big problem, but when you use the phone a lot, the ‘slow’ gets to you after a while.

My go-to game to test phone performance nowadays is Genshin Impact, which is a fairly heavy game to install and run. The A72 handled it better than expected in the lower to medium settings (which the game warned was overclocking the phone).

Some of the heat builds up later on the back of the phone by the cameras, but if you’re a mobile gamer, it’s no surprise. This phone isn’t marketed as a gaming phone, after all, so it’s forgiven.


If you pass me the A72 without telling me what it is, I won’t easily doubt that it is designed to be a more budget friendly phone.

Sure, the few hiccups here and there and mainly the plastic back might give some hints, but they’re still strong enough to be a tough contender if I’m looking for a new phone.

For a starting price of RM1899, I cannot go wrong with that. Oh, and I need to mention one last thing. Coming from an S20 user, I can only say thanks Salah Samsung ramped up the on-screen fingerprint sensor game?

Once I put this unit back on, I have to live with the fact that the S20’s sensor won’t light up under my fingertips to unlock faster, and continue to see “my fingerprint mismatched” 20 times before unlocking my phone.

Positives Negatives
Vivid and crisp display Acceptance of the touchscreen may be delayed (sometimes delayed)
Good camera performance for a budget phone
Bigger, Better Battery

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