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When I was listening to a summary of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked lineup for 2021, I hit a lot of fancy terms and numbers that sounded great but were strange to me.

The only thing that impressed me was the Voice Detect feature on the Galaxy Buds Pro, as I haven’t tried a pair with something like this.

Aside from that, I was generally interested in trying Buds Pro anyway, since I tested Buds + And the Live buds Before, I found it enjoyable to use most of the time.

I wanted to see how much Samsung could step up its game.

First impressions

I got Buds Pro in Phantom Violet, which isn’t the most eye-catching color, but it stands out from the other two: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver.

The most striking color among the three available

The cover is similar to Buds Live, square with rounded edges, very compact, and has a matte finish.

Inside, the earphones are located. The buds themselves have a matte plastic-like shell on the tip that rests flat against your ears, and a shiny outer covering.

Buds Pro are much rounder and bulkier than Buds + (Buds Live was a completely different shape that looked like a bean), which has winged tips.

Personally, I like the design of the buds + so much more, because they have a more beveled edge for you to grip when taking them out or putting them in.

Being shiny, smooth, and round, I found my Buds Pro grip more risky, which doesn’t bode well for my clumsy self when using it in public.

Shiny, round, smooth, bulkier

Regarding how they fit, you can get 3 slightly different sizes of ear tips which should be enough for you to find a suitable match. In general, the comfort of these was average.

I felt as though they weren’t sitting inside my ear canal long enough, but moving naturally didn’t push them out.

Great sound quality

Compared to Buds + and Buds Live, Buds Pro wins in manual audio. My biggest complaint about the Buds + was that the sound sounded muffled, as though I was listening to music from under a blanket.

On the other hand, Buds Live with its lack of a leak-proof silicone ear tip simply allowed as much sound through to my liking and was a less-than-comfortable fit. While it was an improvement in treble audio quality, the bass quality sounded monotonous and muddy.

Buds Pro loses comfort a little to me (Buds + wins), but I’d say it overcame the sound flaws its predecessors had.

Sorry to say that, but these are some fat earphones, heh

Everything was crisp, bass and treble sounds * Kiss of the chef * And I had fun music sessions with them.

So remember the voice detection feature I mentioned earlier? Well it works, but I find it hard to control, because it’s automatic.

How it works is that when you start talking to someone, your voice will automatically decrease and the ANC will switch to ambient mode to allow you to hear the other person.

Once it stops talking, it turns off and the sound returns to normal. When it’s just someone talking to you without talking to you, it won’t be activated, because it depends on your voice.

Sounds good in theory … but if you’re someone who enjoys buzzing with your music, you likely find this feature annoying. You will think that you are trying to speak and activate Voice Detect. Stop completely when you are in the midst of muddling your favorite tunes.

Fortunately, this is a feature that you can disable using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app, which is Unfortunately Only available on Android phones.

The Buds + and Buds Live controls can be modified using the Samsung Galaxy Buds app on iOS, but since the app was last updated 3 months ago, it’s safe to say that it’s not yet compatible with Buds Pro.


Samsung states that Buds Pro users can get around 5 hours of battery life with ANC on before it charges through the case, and found that it lasted a little longer than that.

Regarding microphone quality, the only comment I got from receivers on the other end of the call was that I sounded nasally clear but.

At RM799, it offers some major upgrades from Buds + and Buds Live (both are RM599), which makes it worth it for me, especially if you use Android devices.

Positives Negatives
Improved sound quality in terms of treble and bass Voice Detect is activated even when you are buzzing or talking to yourself
Voice Detect makes fast chatting easier A slightly strange fit in the ear, which can become uncomfortable after a while
Maintains the compact body design for Buds Live The earbuds are round and larger, making them hard to hold
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