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Bamboo Secret Skinny Bath Mat |  Wooden bathroom rug of your dreams

Are you ready to get out of your bathroom?

Just talking about a bathroom rug really changes your life today. It is true. No more bad butt bathroom rug / rug sticking to hair and pubic hair everywhere. Like, no thanks.

Ever since I was little, I’ve felt this extreme aversion to getting out of the bathroom and sitting on a piece of carpet. There’s something really bothering me about putting wet feet on some random bits of hair. There is nothing worse. It gives me real jeep hippies.

For years and years I couldn’t find any other option. I used to lay a towel on the floor, but this was still a pain in the butt because I had to wash it every time or stick to it. Once again …. GROSS.

Enter the fix.

Wooden Bath Rug of Your Dreams: Say goodbye to tough rugs

a Bamboo, wooden bathroom. We will get into it. But as always … there is a dramatic story:

This wood mania fully began when I moved to Austin, Texas (publication is coming soon, but for now you can check This is a podcast If you want to know why we’re doing this step).

In any case, our home in Austin has become this complete haven. It’s unlike anything you’ve been through before. Our home is full of many healthy things, it is surrounded by nature and space that ultimately reduces cortisol significantly.

When I was pregnant, I was drawn to all things earthy. Not in a bohemian way, but in a zen way. And so began my main obsession with wood. Wood represents only the ground (no?) And I wanted everything in our home to feel “nature”. Seriously, even down to soap dispensers (they are Here If you like wood like me).

After wandering the internet for hours, I finally found the perfect bathroom mat that would help me land on the floor without getting my pubis stuck in my toes. However, Bamboo bath mat Of your dreams …

Technically, this isn’t even a bath mat. It’s more like a clapboard of wood that can breathe, easy to get air out (because it’s loud), and it looks amazing and doesn’t get everything.

It sells quickly and I understand why. It’s as elegant as a damn in the shower.

One is outside my bathtub and another is next to my bathtub. It’s so luxurious, you’ll be obsessed with it.

Why do you need this bamboo bathmat:

♡ It is non-slip

♡ Water resistant (use it in a hot tub or pool if you have one)

♡ It looks so cute

♡ It is environmentally friendly and natural

Holds up to 250 lbs

♡ Bamboo feels grounded as it is not synthetic

Sidenote: If you’re not used to grounding, let me in quickly.

Sure, it’s kind of like walking, but you have to be barefoot. Bear with me …

Grounding, or “grounding”, whatever you want to call it, has completely changed the game for me.

First, let’s start with this question: When was the last time you let your bare feet touch the actual ground? Not your marble or wood floor or your carpet. I’m not even talking about your balcony. Real land – grass, sand, beach. 99% of people can’t even remember.

Basically the grounding theory is that our body is supposed to have as much contact with the ground as possible (such as not having a shoe). Electrons accumulate in the form of free radicals (yuck- from wifi) in us and direct contact with Earth balances this with the opposite effect. In the past this would have happened naturally because we weren’t wearing shoes … Now we need to make it happen … but let’s dive into it.

Let’s learn:

So it allows your skin to touch ground ions. The best way to do this is to place my feet in the sand. You should know that I do this even with my daughter. I’ll take her little feet and hands and make sure she touches the ground as best I can.

How to grind:
♡ Go outside and get your feet in some weed, sand or dirt.
♡ You can even use ceramic tiles or concrete floor in your basement if you have one.

There should not be any kind of material between it and your feet (such as carpet, hardwood, etc.).

Grounding sheet.

Every home has a network of ground wires connecting the electrical source to the ground. This helps complete the circuit by using the ground instead of your body, so you can touch TVs, mixers, etc. without ever having to slide.

The grounding plate plugs into a regular outlet and connects to the ground wires in your home wiring (not the electrical source, so you don’t have to worry about plugging overnight). Since it conducts energy all the way to the ground, you can have a full night of grounding without sleeping on the lawn. It is usually made of cotton and a fine silver thread for conduction, so the plate will transfer negative electrons from the ground to your body and neutralize the positive charges. ” Across )

♡ There are already grounding shoes.

They are shoes that have a type of conductive material built into them so you can land all day long while you stride. In fact, there seem to be a lot of shoes with a subtle “grounding” pattern.

Just remember, these are special shoes and if there is rubber on your shoes, that means they do not hurt you.

♡ grounding mat.

This would be a great thing to use while working to cancel the electromagnetic field from your computer, phone or tablet. You can also get floor mats for your bed so you can get all the benefits while you sleep. Speaking of the benefits, let’s get to it.

Benefits of grounding or grounding. (There is a ton !!):

Regulates cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone in your body and all I want is to lower it. You might have heard me talk about this once or 50 times. When your cortisol is regulated, it means that the stressful situation will not affect you for long. You can recover easily and not feel anxious for long afterward.

Get rid of free radicals.

You’ve probably heard all about free radicals before and how antioxidants neutralize them. Well, grounding also neutralizes them which means they will not be around to damage the cells in our body.

♡ No more fighting or escaping.

Grounding helps your body go from stress or flight to a more recovering state.

More benefits….

♡ Reduces inflammation.

♡ Improves sleep.

♡ Improves immunity.

It reduces some factors of cardiovascular disease.

Relieves pain.

♡ Accelerates healing time.

Helps with menstrual cramps.

Reduces the electrical fields caused by the body.

Improves glucose regulation.

Reduces osteoporosis indicators.

♡ Reduces anxiety and depression.

♡ Supports adrenal health.

And as I said, hangover can really be a cure.

The only technique I’ve tried is to put my bare feet on the ground – the beach is my favorite. But I would love to try the grounding rug soon.

Just believe me and try it. You will feel better. Plus, it’s the best hangover remedy.

Well, back to the wooden carpet.

It’s easy to clean, doesn’t collect hair, and honestly it can go anywhere in your home. It reminds me of some outdoor baths in Japan.

It’s the perfect thing to step on when I’m getting out of the shower. Simply turn on some Japanese garden music, dim the lights, and turn your own music on Rock salt lamp, You light up some Brooklyn Candle Studio Palo Santo CandlesEnjoy prof Camphor shower Or take a shower and then finish with some grounding on neat bamboo, Wooden bath rug.

Although this wooden bathroom rug can be used outdoors, try to keep it a little dry so it lasts longer. It will extend the life of it.

People are obsessed, there are over 1,200 5 star reviews, and I have to agree.

Couldn’t you imagine this wooden pigeon and a pair of Plush slippers Waiting to be out of the bathtub?

Say goodbye to bad backside bathroom showers and say hello to laying on your new wooden bathroom rug.

Hope you like.

Q, Lauren

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