Should flour be stored in the refrigerator?


The flour mite is the most dangerous thing I’ve found in my kitchen, and it’s a great list of worms. Once they tasted the seemingly delicious all-purpose flour, little bugs got into the farro, some breadcrumbs, and who knows what else. I had to dump the entire contents of the pantry, sterilize, and complain for weeks in order to get by.

Since then I’ve been storing flour in a container in my fridge, not the bag it came in, which has far too many licorice entrances (I blame a former tenant, but they might have come in the flour itself, who knows). Moths love warmth and moisture, and a cold, dry refrigerator is their enemy. Plus, A good airtight container Defends against intruders. But as my baking hobby grows, and I start collecting freshly ground whole wheat flour, local cornmeal, and rye flour, I have an entirely dedicated space from my fridge for flour (which is cool). Now it is not about the errors and more about recovery.

White flour (like all-purpose flour, bread flour, and cake flour) has a long shelf life, whether in the grocery store or at home. It can last for a year before it starts to rot because the volatile germ and bran have been removed. On the other hand, freshly ground whole grain flour will not last for nearly long. This is because, for starters, they are fresher. Think of it like fresh fruit compared to dried or dried fruits. If you buy White cornmeal from Anson Mills, Grind it to her request only. This gives these products a wonderful flavor and aroma that you can savor. And unlike refined flour, wholegrain flour contains the true meaning Whole Wheat. Including the husks of the grains, the flour gives a nutty, healthy flavor and retains all the fiber, vitamins and traits that are good for you.

by the way, Roxana Gulabat, Co-owner and baker of LA’s Friends and familyWrote A complete cookbook Dedicated to these wonderful ingredients. paying off Few of her recipes here And let me beg you to buy some barley flour and buckwheat to make brown butter blondies And the Chocolate souffle cake.

If you have barley and buckwheat in stock, you may just have it Two to three monthsDepending on the product, before these whole grains spoil the flour and meals. You will be able to distinguish with your nose – spoiled flour smells pungent and is “choppy”.

In the refrigerator, however, it will remain fresh, at Roxana’s discretion, for up to a year, depending on the product. If these are the types of flour that you don’t think you will use often but are excited to eat them on special occasions, you can store them in the freezer as well.

I store my refrigerator flour in tasty quart and half liter containers, but their cylindrical shape is not very effective when it starts to pile up. Many, many flour. I recommend 2 Qt. Cambro Containers, Which are rectangular and nicely stacked. Roxana herself uses resealable freezer bags, which take up less space. (I would have made a mess of these, so I’d prefer something sturdier.) Just be sure to date and name it, she said to me, “Because when these things get put in the fridge, they all look the same. One of them is brighter than the other, but they all look the same.” You don’t want to risk any kind of cookie confusion.

Funny enough, I now eat a lot of all-purpose flour that I buy in 10-pound bags and keep it on the counter in an airtight container that has not yet been exposed to any mites. When I bake, I swap a few tablespoons or half a cup of wholegrain flour into completely all-purpose recipes otherwise (you don’t want to make 100 percent swaps because you might end up heartbroken. This is how I get aroused!

However, the flour started to take over my fridge, and I can only see one solution. Time for a bigger fridge.

Flour strength:


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