Silicone rubber bands are 1,000 times more useful in the kitchen than regular rubber bands


There is probably nothing more than a rubber band – a classic ubiquitous object of fidgeting and ejaculation, useful in certain emergency situations but hard to get excited about. However, sometimes, even home standards can be quietly improved in a big way, and this is what happened to the rubber bands. Silicone ties are an upgrade, and in the kitchen, practically the best option, they are easily worth the few dollars you’ve set aside for them.

But, she says, rubber bands are free! Yep, well sometimes it’s not worth it for free. Here’s why:

“Rubber” bands can be made from any number of synthetic or natural materials, from rubber tree sap to petroleum extracts, and you cannot easily tell what you have with the naked eye. But regardless of its source, these types are not safe to cook. Not only can it melt or ignite, but it can also leach chemicals into the food at temperatures well within its normal cooking range.

In the kitchen, you need belts that can handle and hold the heat to use, even if it’s for storage purposes. And it has to be something that can be made clean and hygienic as well. Natural rubber collects dirt, it cannot be easily antiseptic, Maybe Sticky when decomposing the surface (Which happens fairly quickly), it cracks and crumbles with age, and is not usually antimicrobial.

Another silicone kitchen helper we love? This is a GIR spoon.

Photography by Alex Lau

Silicone cooking bands It’s just the ticket to replace rubber bands in the kitchen. Although it is not perfect – it can still disintegrate at extremely high temperatures, even though it exceeds the average number of cooking – it is safer to boil, bake, grill, air fry, cook in the microwave, grill and store. Silicone Chemically stableFood-friendly, no bacteria or odors, it is Super heat resistance, And it can be sterilized with your dishes. The material became a favorite in the sciences and Medical applications-And in kitchen tools– And it has been carefully studied.

At less than $ 10 for a pack of dozen, it’s inexpensive enough to use anytime, anywhere. Cleaning and reusing, or cutting and throwing, it’s your call.

Here are some ideas for using silicone ties:

  • Tie the fresh herbs together before putting them in the bowl.
  • Securely tie or roll the legs of the poultry Roulade.
  • Make a small bundle of vegetables (like carrots or asparagus) for the grill, or wrap the bands several times around the ends of the skewer to prevent soft items, such as tomatoes, from slipping off, and to give you more traction when turning with tweezers.
  • Wrap a strap around each end of the hook The perfect pastry thickness.
  • For added protection against freezer burns, wrap the freezer bag tightly and close with a tie. Silicone will not wear out in the cold like a rubber band.
  • For baking or crunchy things like potato chips, make a grab-and-turn motion, fold the twisted end over itself once, and secure with the band.
  • Which – which Baking mat Is this always getting in the way? no more. Run it in the dishwasher, then once it is completely dry, wrap it tightly and secure with silicone tape. Now everything is clean, fits perfectly in laminated boxes, out of the way but easy to use.
  • When this winder lasts longer than its broken box, tape around the roll works perfectly to contain the opening.
  • Starter sourdough grinding? Use two or three silicone bands around the container to celebrate its progress.
  • Are you watching your most expensive vodka? Lace on the bottle. Your roommate can always move the squad, but that’s not a problem that I can fix.
  • Colorful silicone bands are an easy, fun and inexpensive way to spot glasses at a party, and they can be dishwasher safe directly on / with the glasses.
  • Or use a strap to tie the cups around the straight forks of the dishwasher rack. Safe glasses headbands clean.
  • Secure the string of a tea bag around the mug with tape before adding the water.
  • Wrap a strap around the handle of the cookware spoon to get an instant edge to keep the spoon from slipping into the saucepan.
  • Wrap the bands around two edges of a cutting board or hot pad for counter-traction.
  • Cover on fused vanilla extract? A stubborn pickle jar? Wrap a strap several times around the cap or cap, add another strap around the bottle or jar, hold the bands, wrap it, and voila! This works especially well on oddly shaped lids, even outside the kitchen, like those on nail polish bottles.

Now, everything will eventually wear out, but silicone bands are almost infinitely reusable – as long as you keep them clean. Silicon by itself does not support biological growth and does not absorb oils or liquids, but any substance remaining on its surface can form or attract pathogens, such as salmonella. So wash it after each use with a degreaser like dish detergent without, soak as necessary, and avoid abrasives. Easier, throw the bands in the dishwasher! Just be sure to place them in a covered basket or tightly around the prongs, as you don’t want the bands to roll around (they can get stuck in the washer drain or moving parts).

Once you realize how helpful these young children are, you will hold someone like a distress. Hey there is another use: hair tie. Or use a pair of ties to keep your sleeves raised while cooking. And when cooking makes room for eating, you can attach a silicone band around the button on your pants, through the buttonhole, and back again to the button, to loosen the waistband. Ah, life is good.

Architec Stretchy Cooking Ribbon, Pack of 25


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