Summer drinks to keep you cool


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Somehow New York heatwave season started before July arrived, and I’m currently experiencing another kind of hot summer for girls, the kind that cause heat rash to bloom, ah, Everywhere; Even inside the fridge it sweats while you work overtime to stay cool.

As a result, the summer drinks It arrived early this year, with a few upgrades that made staying hydrated even more stylish. I recently bought this Hario V60 cold brew maker, a tall, elegant jug that I can guarantee I’ll never use to make a cold brew, because I’m impatient. I Act Use it to earn a lot Iced tea with roasted barley By dropping an individual bag of pills (such as those in ipodu) in the water and let it do its thing for a few hours.

Oftentimes, I’ll go through a phase where coffee will send me into a state of frantic jitters, so in my current effort to cut back, I’ve been opting for a nice iced matcha latte in the morning. It is a pleasure to find a delicious version in the world, but the ritual of preparing it at home is a pleasure in itself, and takes as long to brew as a cup of coffee. I make homemade almond milk (see my go-to method Here) several times a week and keep it in a large container in the refrigerator. I follow Kettl’s great tea company Iced Matcha Latte Method to the letter, then pour finely frothed green tea over a glass of almond milk and ice. (This nice drink needs a nicer cup more than the one I have; I hope so Ultra Durable Stackable Glasses Do the trick.)

If it seems like all I do these days is shop online, it’s because…I am. I recently wrote about Moving to my own apartment Unsurprisingly, the biggest upgrade of my life was having a refrigerator that I could store however I wished. The best thing I have there: not one but three Reusable carbonate bottles for my love Ark sparkling water maker. Between these and four bottles of Pete Nat’s, my fridge is now 50 percent bubbles, which is the correct ratio of food to bubbles. Next on my shopping list: the perfect ice cube trays.

Stay calm in the kitchen:

Photography by Emma Fishman, food design by Susie Theodoro, prop design by Elizabeth Jaime


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