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Use the instant bowl to efficiently prepare your Sunday meals, then serve fast and healthy meals throughout the week!

It’s safe to say we’re selling in a quick jar. At my home (stop me if this sounds familiar), a toddler likes to hang my legs in my pants while I try to cook dinner. She’d probably prefer taking pills more than anything I make, if that means I can sit on the floor with her and make Play Dough teddy bears at 5 p.m.

But with an Instapot, I can Throw some ingredients into the saucepan, Press a button, then walk away (or sit down to read Berenstain Bears) while he cooks a real dinner himself. And everyone is happy.

When I realized I could use an Insta Pot for more than one night a week Dinner– That I could actually save an enormous amount of time and energy by preparing ingredients in it over the entire week – well, the admiration for this tool was complete.

The more I discover the magic of instant destiny, the more excited I will be to share my discoveries with you! So here are some of the biggest instant pot prep ideas for a weekly night out Meal plan Easier. Enjoy!


A bowl of beans cooked in front of the instant pot

This is my favorite thing about cooking in an instant pot. Dried beans cooked under pressure are tender, creamier, and more delicious than those cooked on the stove. Make a pound of dried beans on Sunday, and use them throughout the week in soups, salads, tacos, and dishes.

I am better Not Soak dried beans before cooking, because the flavor is rich, and the beans keep their shape better.

How to do it: Rinse and sort the beans, then place them in a quick bowl with enough water to cover the beans by 2-3 inches. Add bay leaf and olive oil spray, then close the bowl and set the Instant Pot to a high heat: 25 minutes for black beans, 30 minutes for beans, and 30 minutes for pinto beans. Allow the pressure to escape naturally before removing the cap.

Hard-boiled eggs

Boiled eggs in a bowl on a wooden tray

The first time I made boiled eggs in the instant pot was a big find. she’s perfect. And perfection in exfoliating.

Because you know how “normal” boiled eggs sometimes stick to their shell so tightly that you end up throwing only half of the white to remove the shell? Not so with instant pot eggs. Seriously, look at these shells. They slip off easily, it’s like magic.

How to do it: Place as many eggs as you want in one layer on the steamer basket of the instant saucepan. Add one cup of water, close the bowl and set the manual timer for 5 minutes. When the timer beeps, open the valve to release the steam in one go. When the pin has fallen off, carefully open the lid and transfer the eggs to a cold water bath.

sweet potato

Baked potatoes in an instant pot

Before instant pot, Sweet Potato Slow Cooker My favorite preparations were this root vegetable. Now I use instant pot every time. Why? It’s faster, sweet potatoes are just whipped cream, and cleaning is easier. I’d love to have three or four sweet potatoes cooked in the refrigerator for a quick vegan option … it’s easy to reheat with butter and cinnamon.

I was also happy to discover that white potatoes and sweet potatoes can cook together at the same time, so I can shake off poor preparation in one go.

How to do it: Place one cup of water at the bottom of the instant pot. Add the inner pot, and place 3-4 washed, large sized potatoes (of any kind) on top of the steamer. Close the cap and set the manual timer for 15 minutes. When the timer beeps, let the pressure release naturally.

Shredded pork

Tacos and tacos on a plate with beans, rice and lemon

Dinner is super handy when there is already a pyrex plate full of grated pork in the fridge. Serve it in tacos or sandwiches or alongside brown rice and beans, with a crunchy salad on the side.

How to do it: Season 2-4 pounds of pork shoulder or pork butt with your favorite dry rub seasoning, then roast the meat on all sides using the Saute mode in the Instant Pot. Pour two or two cups of broth, or a mixture of barbecue sauce and apple cider vinegar, into the bottom of the bowl, then choose manually, and cook for 50 minutes. Let the pressure come out naturally

Hard chopped oats

Pour the chopped oats into your instant pressure cooker

You might have tried Instant steel cut oats with eggsAnd you already know how great these whole grains can be under pressure. Try cooking a large amount of steel cut oats to cool and keep them in the fridge for the week. It’s best to season your oats when cooking a large amount, so you can make them sweet or savory depending on your (or your kids) moods.

How to do it: Grease the bottom of the instant pot with a little fat, then add two cups of steel cut oats plus six cups of water. Close the lid and cook for five minutes on a manual setting. Allow the pressure to escape naturally before removing the cap.


A white bowl of quinoa cooked on a kitchen towel

I still can’t get past this; It takes one minute under high pressure to make fluffy, ready-to-eat quinoa. In a quick bowl, prepare a large amount of quinoa to use in pilaf, as bread crumbs piece of ChickenOr even as a sweet and hot breakfast mixed with bananas, milk and almonds.

How to do it: Rinse the quinoa well, then add it to an instant bowl with 1.5 times of water. Manually set it to cook for 1 minute, then let the pressure drop naturally.

Chicken stock

A small white bowl of chicken broth

If you have a chicken carcass left, don’t throw it away! Make a rich golden broth in a quick bowl in a fraction of the time it takes to set it on the stove.

When I have a quarter gallon of homemade chicken broth in the fridge, I can quickly toss out the soup that tastes as if it’s been cooking all day. This is the time saved!

How to do it: Place a whole chicken carcass in the Instant Pot with onion quarters, celery stalks, and enough water to cover it all. Close the lid and set to cook for 60 minutes, then let the cook go down naturally.

Happy preparation, dear friends! Do you have your favorite ingredients to prepare in the instant bowl? Share in the comments!

Prepare the instant meal

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