The 8 Best Teas for Sleep According to Yawny Bon Appétit Editor


My speech was fiery, and my tongue felt a little fuzzy, and I asked a room of my colleagues, “Why did we never discuss what everyone said? favorite apple? My Wine Map. “This was neither funny nor fun I put my giant thermos out of”Mommy’s little helperDavid’s Tea strong caffeine-free herbal tea. But my mom wasn’t helping. She made me fuck valerian.

This was the last time I tested a bedtime tea at 3pm on a Tuesday. On the one hand, an afternoon session seemed the only way to determine the effectiveness of the best teas for sleep. On the other hand, I was falling asleep at work.

The original Sleepytime tea (you know, with a coma bear in front of a perilous roaring fire), hit shelves in 1972. This thing sells over 4 million boxes a year—people need their sleep. With Herbal remedy (cough) is becoming more and more common, there are dozens of sleep teas to choose from. And wait until you hear about Ambien!

Herbalists will note that different human bodies react differently to herbs: some may feel energized from valerian tea, while others may feel energized after a watery cup of chamomile. I kept that in mind—and so should you because that’s not medical advice, guys—because I sip and take a nap on my way through the best teas for sleep. Some taste like gym socks, some like flowers in a funeral parlour, and some don’t have any flavor at all.

In this highly unscientific test, I yawned my way through the workday to find the smoothest and most delicious bedtime tea on the market, but honestly, some of those meetings were pretty boring.

here we are.

I’m a fan of all kinds of Pukka tea, mostly because the name reminds me of a giant rabbit Harvey But also because it never feels bitter the way bagged tea can be. It’s organic, too, which is a bonus because I love my herbs that are super clean. The trick to getting the best flavor from Pukka’s Night Time tea is to steep it for a longer period of time – up to 15 minutes – so that more licorice flavor comes out (in a slightly spiced way, not like Disgusting candy). Otherwise, the flavor is so low that you can barely taste anything. The main ingredient is oat flower, which is comforting and delicate. There is also a little chamomile, but barely. Tulsi, Lavender, and Limeflower are other players, but they are all nearly invisible, like a mischievous rabbit that follows Jimmy Stewart.

Verdict: Easy to drink and perfect after a meal, when you probably don’t want strong flavors to match Seinfeld Re and a few glasses of wine, I was asleep in three minutes. I will drink this again the next time I need a restful sleep.

Pukka herbal night tea

If you are really serious about getting better sleep fast, you need to skip My night is normal And he hit Nighty Night Valerian instead. It gets to me every time. After 10 minutes of steeping, there is a pleasant, funky aroma to this organic tea, with subtle notes of athletic socks. But the smell is much stronger than the taste. This is a tea made from Passionflower—an actual flower known to cool the nerves, not the name of the bath oil your mom bought from the last Avon lady on Earth. If you’re the type to lie in bed thinking about missing USPS packages, your cat’s fading eyesight, and what’s going to happen to your healthcare in the near future, well, this one’s for you.


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