The best baking knife costs $ 22 but is well worth its weight in gold. Go!


Let’s start the chase: Even the best bread knife will only do, like, four things. But two of these are so important to performing my daily life, I cannot imagine living without one.

1: Fresh and crunchy slices Piece of bread.

2: Shredder a Ripe summer tomatoes To go over this bread.

I’m sure I feed my cat meow every morning, so he takes out my bread knife Mass. this is Knife $ 22 Is the one used by the BA test kitchen; Its sharp teeth bounce along the 10-inch blade like a doodle on the top of a loose-leaf homework page. Something about it also reminds me of decorative edging Craft scissors My mom always threatened to cut my hair. (Never did it, FWIW.) Its name, Mercer Culinary Millennia, evokes a futuristic spaceship, one with an excellent canteen.

Mercer Culinary Millennia 10 “bread knife

Why is it the best?

This look isn’t based on a pleasant aesthetic decision, however Real raster physics, Which I am not very good at. However, I subscribe to it Photographer cook (Love words and pictures), and I read a lot about serrated knives a few years ago when they did a ridiculously comprehensive test of them all. In true Photographer cook Fashion, they tested every knife on it BreadAnd TomatoesAnd Cake layers, And stuffed BLTs. (I think sometimes they choose these tests based on what the employees want to eat, and I appreciate that). Anyway, physics. When you press (remember “force” ??) on the knife while cutting bread, it is shared equally (remember “dispersed energy”?) On the teeth, which means that the fewer points the better, because each will have more power . “gulleys” is a term I learned In this videoAlso important, as it reduces the friction that could spoil the food.

There are other factors in this great bread knife. The handle needs some grip, and the length should be long enough to go through rustic loaves SourdoughThe forks should be pointed, not smooth (to bite into the smooth tomato skin). And modest, Bread knife, $ 22 Tick ​​allllll the boxes.

Hey, what can I do with a bread knife?

I asked in a kitchen test one afternoon Andy Paragani He did not use a sharpened knife other than bread and tomatoes, so he said: Tomato! I will never do that. If you cut a tomato with a bread knife, the chef would take those tomatoes – “mimic them, hold them by my hand -” and throw them away. is yours Chef’s knife It should be sharp enough to chop Any thing.“ Well, Andy – I simulated throwing tomatoes at it – my chef’s knife Not Sharp guillotine on a daily basis, so yeah, I’ll need that serrated knife, and I think most home cooks will too.

For tomatoes. For baking. For Honken sandwiches are great Made with bread, tomatoes and maybe a few other things as well. For cake cutting into multiple layers so that you can lovingly cut each layer frost Then regroup (which is something I probably never will but I definitely wish it was able To do). That might be about it … but these are some of the most important things in life, right?

How do I keep my Bread Knife in perfect slicing condition?

If you notice your knife is starting to weaken, you can take it to your hardware store and have someone sharpen it, although I found the knife could still cut it years later. Please take note of the Amazon reviewer’s photo of her clipped index finger, which is one of my most recent Amazon reviews:


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