The best places to sample wine in Napa Valley this spring


Wine tasting in Charles Krug. Image courtesy of winery

With the vaccination rate rising and the country opening up, many have been planning their first holidays for nearly a year. Napa Valley has always been an ideal destination for rest and relaxation, and the countryside continues to offer one of the most dreamy places to enjoy not only some of the best wines in the world, but also the legendary California sunshine. Hire a car service or select your designated driver, and follow the three-day itinerary that passes through some of the valley’s best wineries and most beautiful properties, and enjoy the kind of unrivaled and unforgettable travel experiences you’ve been missing:

Day 1

Ehlers Estate (Saint Helena)

Start your day at 9:30 AM at St. Helena at Ahlers Real Estate For breakfast and savoring in the beautiful olive grove. Two unique tastes include Taste the people ($ 50 per person; accommodates parties 2 through 6), an intimate personal presentation of their estate-grown wines led by a knowledgeable wine guru, or choose Taste the Cabernet ($ 50 per person; seats 2 to 6) for more serious wine collectors and Cabernet lovers. Both options feature current releases and shared stories about the property’s history.

Image courtesy of Ehlers Estate

Larchmaid Vineyards (Calistoga)

The next station is Larkmead Vineyards. Founded in 1895, Larkmead continues to operate as the leader in the region as one of the most progressive-minded producers, prioritizing sustainability and planning for the future through Search block Dedicated to exploring new grape varieties with climate change. To try the famous Larkmead wine made by Dan Petroski winemaker, guests can choose between Taste the real estate ($ 70 per person; seats 2 to 6 parties), private tasting at one of the first outdoor spaces featuring four current wines and a walking tour of Larkmead’s newly planted research vineyard (weather permitting), or Savor Larkmead Reserve ($ 95 per person; seats 2 to 4 parties), private host-led tasting of five wines from Larkmead’s unique Napa terroir and a tour of the leading research vineyard (weather permitting). Wait 75 minutes for this experiment.

Larkmead Vineyards. Image courtesy of winery

Charles Krogh (Saint Helena)

Finish the day on Charles Krug In Saint Helena. One of the oldest California wineries, founded in 1861, the winery invites guests to enjoy a modern tasting alfresco within the restored picnic grounds. The CPee tasting real estate ($ 45 per person; sleeps 1 to 6) is an all-in-one entry point to the classic Napa wine range. With five new cabanas, guests can also enjoy a special and luxurious tasting with the winery Cabana experience ($ 400 minimum). Groups of up to 6 are invited to book a two-hour personalized tasting that includes exclusive wine cruises, a selection of full bottles, delights such as wood-fired pizza and more.

Experience Charles Krug Cabana. Image courtesy of winery

the second day

Cardinal (Oakville)

On the cool Basic The property in Oakville features an unforgettable gastronomic experience led by a knowledgeable and dedicated real estate team. Upon arrival, guests enjoy panoramic views of the valley and mountain nomenclature that come together to create the limited-production Cabernet Sauvignon Cardinale. Further explorations into the world of Cardinale connect with an eclectic range of wines enjoyed in the tasting room, subtly paired with small, seasonal bites. Cardinale offers two special tasting experiences, The Taste the real estate ($ 100 per person; Accommodates parties 2 to 6) and The Taste the library ($ 150 per person; sleeps parties 2 through 6).

Cardinal Winery. Image courtesy of winery

Nickel and nickel (Oakville)

Focused on making 100% diverse wines from vineyards, Nickel and nickel Winery in Oakville is the perfect next stop for rotten Cabernet Sauvignon wines and great wines led by terroir. At the property, guests can choose from three different wine tasting experiences: Taste the drug for 60 minutes ($ 80 per person; holds 2 to 6), then Taste the real estate for 90 minutes ($ 95 / person; seat 2 to 6), very special Terroir Taste ($ 80 per person; seats 2 to 6) featuring eight individual vineyard wines with 100% of the hottest sub-nomenclature in Napa Valley and revealing no two vineyards alike. This experience gives exclusive access to the exceptional diversity of the finest vineyards in the Napa Valley while surrounded by serene views of the Vacca and Mayakamas Mountains.

Nickel-nickel winery. Image courtesy of winery

Ninety Far Ninety Factory (Oakville)

A short distance away Ninety factory far away Oakville is another stop for wine tasting on the second day. Far Niente and Nickel & Nickel both fall within the Far Niente family of wineries and vineyards, and similar to previous tastings, guests can choose from three different wine tasting experiences: Taste the drug for 60 minutes ($ 80 per person; holds 2 to 6), A. Taste the real estate for 90 minutes ($ 95 per person; sleeps 2 to 6), and A. Wine tasting at the Cave Collection ($ 120 per person; holds 2 to 6) with both current and very limited Cave Collection wines. While trying these unique and very limited wines, guests are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and sprawling vineyards.

Ninety factory far away. Image courtesy of winery

Day 3

Gary Market and Wine (Saint Helena)

Take it slow this morning and stop Gary’s Wine and Market For coffee, pastries, and maybe picnic items like a fresh salad or sandwich made with locally sourced ingredients. Gary’s carries a variety of delicacies so you can also stock up on delicious souvenirs to bring to friends and family after your travels, or pick up a few bottles of wine from other great Napa Valley wineries that you just couldn’t stop over during the weekend.

Gary of Gary Wayne and Market Place pours Jack Davis of Schramsburg some champagne. Image courtesy of Gary’s

Artesia (Saint Helena)

Enjoy the beauty Savor the outdoor seating at Artesia ($ 45.00 per person; holds 2 to 6). The Artesa Visitor Center offers beautiful scenic views from every area in the spacious modern gastronomic salon. They also offer two different tasting rides to choose from and a handful of optional food pairs to enjoy during your visit. On arrival, you are greeted with a taste of sparkling wine to sample as you contemplate the flights tasting menu. The host guides you through the options and brings you each wine throughout the tasting as they share information about Artesa wine production methods, vineyards, wine-making practices, and what makes each wine special or unique.

Artesia. Image courtesy of winery

Quintessa (Rutherford)

End your vacation in Quintessa With The core experience ($ 145 per person; sleeps 1 to 4), which expresses the perfect amalgamation of wine and nature on a global level. As your host guides you to your private suite surrounded by hills covered with vineyards, they will share the story of Quintessa’s farming practices and the vitality of the winery. Settle into your suite and enjoy a jewel-like view of the estate – one of the quintessential views of the Napa Valley – while your host prepares a tasting trip of five wines. Enjoy Illumination Sauvignon Blanc, two copies of Quintessa, and samples of two futuristic Quintessa barrels while your host shares more about Quintessa’s overall philosophy and modern winemaking techniques. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Quintessa. Image courtesy of winery

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