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Exercise equipment at home

Pink workout equipment

In 2020 I started doing exercise at home, like a lot. Just like most of the world, I’m sure.

I am in love with it. It’s much easier than having to go somewhere, and most importantly, it saves time! The launch of The Skinny Confidential Body app, a habit of exercising at home, was very easy.

For those unfamiliar with the TSC Body app, no equipment is necessary. Like, you don’t need one piece of equipment. But in this post, I want to share the items that make home workouts a little more difficult.

Rest assured, everything is cute, pastel and fits perfectly with A. A small pink laundry basket (Except for the ball – keep it in a room where you are playing with it).

Well let’s get straight into my favorite home exercise equipment.

Skinny Confidential’s In-Home Workout Equipment:

White yoga mat

I’ve always wanted a white yoga mat because I love how the pastel colors look against it. I know this sounds weird, but I love the things that make me happy and when things look good, I feel so good.

This mat is sticky in a perfect way. Not sticky, but like grippy. Remains. So whether you are doing a downhill dog, with weights, or jumping on it, it won’t move and lead you up.

Zaza also loves to spend belly time on this one. She loves him. This is good advice if you are at home trying to exercise but your child is awake. You have to find ways to make it work, you know?

Big pink ball

This ball is not necessary but it was great for the back. It’s cute, pastel pink and has a kind of light metallic finish for a little bit of shine. Zaza likes to play with this.

But as I said, I have noticed that I use it for stretches and stretches. It is a huge difference to my back pain because it is very supportive.

Pink dumbbell

These are just plain old weights but they are pink in color. They come in a lot of colors and different weights too, but I love the 2-pound colors. These have a nice grip and get the job done. My arms are burning after using them.

If you are not a weight person, I understand. You can always use a band …

Resistance bands

There are two types of bands that I use. One is A set I use for the legs It comes in various shades of pink. Shocker. It comes in all different “weights” or resistance so you can choose what works for you depending on the exercise you are doing.

The other band Long thing This is great for the arm. You can put this under your feet and do biceps curls, triceps stretching, whatever you want. It’s great for helping you stretch.

Water dumbbell

These are meant for water sports, so if you workout in the pool, they are perfect. When we go to Michael’s parents’ house in San Diego, I love to work out in the pool with these. It dries up very quickly and I couldn’t resist getting it up. They come in pinks and little pinks and they remind me of Barbie’s Dreamhouse.

Yoga blocks

Aesthetically, this just might be my favorite piece of equipment. It helps me push hard during Pilates and is very helpful when you are doing stretches and need a little extra lifting. These are ideal for you if you are not very flexible.

Let me set up the scene: You’re done with the exercise and about to stretch by standing, with your legs and feet flat on the floor and the hinge at your waist for stretching your hamstrings. You just can’t touch your hands on the floor without bending your knees – enter yoga blocks.

Lay the blocks on the ground, place your hands on the blocks, bend over and extend. It is very repetitive and useful in many ways.

Aqueous flask

Hydro Flask is something I talk about all the time. My coach, Kim KellyHe tied me to these gems. It keeps the water cold for a long time, but it can also keep your drinks hot for a long time as well.

I like filling the mine with ice, water, mint and lemon. It comes with me everywhere. You’ll stay very cool during all your workouts and the rest of the day. Even after hot yoga, it will be very cold.

Here’s a trick: If you’re trying to get more water in, get a popsicle cap. It makes all the difference

I like the white bottle with prof Pink cover And the pink bottle with Teal cover. What can I say, I know what I love.

So you have it, the basics of exercising at home. We all need to level up our game when it comes to exercise. It’s a good idea to add a little weight or resistance to get us to sweat our butts. Of course, it helps when the equipment we use is not painfully unsightly in the eye.

Q, Lauren

+ Make sure you check out Skinny Confidential Body app Filled with quick circuits that you can do anywhere.

++ Why do I like Count my steps.

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