The Homeowner’s Guide To Bounce House Rentals


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Remember how excited you used to get when you saw a bouncy house at a birthday party or a festival when you were a kid? Since then, not much has changed. Bounce houses are still popular among kids and adults who don’t mind channeling their inner child now and then. (Let’s face it: seeing one still makes your eyes light up.)

Bounce houses can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way to bring fun to any celebration, with a variety of options ranging from traditional castles to obstacle courses to towering slip n’ slides. Here are some things to think about if you’re thinking about renting inflatable fun for a party or corporate event.

The Ideal Location for a Bounce House

When renting a bounce house, the first thing to think about is where it will go. If you’re going to inflate it in a smaller space, such as a backyard, take measurements ahead so you can choose an inflatable that fits comfortably. You’ll want to make sure there’s adequate room for various activities and a sitting room around the parameter. You don’t want to inflate the bounce house just to discover that there’s no room for anything else.

The terrain is vital when choosing a location for your inflatable rental. Although bounce homes are built to last, they are not impregnable. The majority of rental firms will set up on grass, asphalt, or concrete.

If there is enough space, some bounce houses can even be set up indoors! Convention buildings, for example, offer high ceilings and vast open halls that are ideal for indoor entertainment. Regardless of the weather outside, this indoor setting helps keep temperatures down and jumpers comfortable.

Don’t Forget About the Electricity!

You’ll need an electrical outlet near the bounce house because it requires a blower to keep it inflated. This is usually not a problem because extension cables make it simple to get power from the adjacent building. If you’re going to utilize the bounce house in a park or another distant place, you’ll also need to rent a generator.

Obtaining Permissions

If you’re arranging a party or event on a public site, such as a park, make sure you get permission from the right authorities first. Inflatables may require licenses and fees in some cities, so check with your local government before putting one up. You don’t want your event to be canceled because you didn’t do your homework ahead of time.

Risks of a Bounce House

Renting a bounce house has some dangers, such as property damage and bodily injury. However, if you carefully study the regulations and take modest precautions to avoid problems, everyone will be able to hop and skip around to their hearts’ content.

Keep an eye on the weather

In most cases, bounce houses can be used even while it’s raining. Water slides and other inflatables are designed to get wet, so rain from the sky won’t harm them. Bounce houses, even if covered, will not protect you from the elements, so expect to get wet. They should not be utilized in the event of thunder or lightning.

In windy situations, bounce houses should not be used. When sustained winds exceed 15 mph, most rental companies will not set up a bouncy castle. In severe winds, bounce houses can topple or blow away, posing a danger to persons within and near them.

Final Thought,

Bounce house rental companies make it simple to offer a lot of fun to both small and large celebrations. Their pros will handle the set-up and tear-down, leaving you free to enjoy the party. You’ll want to select a trustworthy provider Bounce House Rentals in Burleson, TX, who carries bounce house insurance to avoid exorbitant expenditures or lawsuits in the event of an accident.

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