The MDEC PRISMA Scholarships is open to M’s digital content creators to apply


It is an opportunistic month for innovators in Malaysia. Formerly, Club House Advertise Their first-ever accelerator software to support creatives, and more recently, only MDEC Updated The five major programs under their recent scholarships are PRISMA and BATIK Digital

PRISMA (Malaysian Creative Industry Stimulus Package) is an initiative launched by the Malaysian Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) with a total value of RM89.2 million and aims to benefit approximately 9,000 players in the creative industry in Malaysia.

Both BATIK Digital and PRISMA will offer up to RM40,000 and RM50,000 respectively. There will be a few courses and each course will accept only 40 applicants, with a total of 200 to 250 slots available for both programs.

These five main programs are:

  • Access to the digital creative content and business matching (2Ps) marketplace
  • Digital Content Project Development (EDP)
  • Streaming creative content
  • BATIK Digital Infrastructure Support
  • Digital Content Scholarship PRISMA (DCG PRISMA)

1. Access to the Digital Creative Content and Business Match (2Ps) marketplace

Goal: To provide assistance to companies providing digital creative content and IP marketing services.

what’s he doing: Expose companies to the international market, create business opportunities for intellectual property and / or services, and create sales and marketing of their intellectual property and / or services.

Eligible applicants: (B2B) digital creative content companies and studios that engage in animation, interactive games, news media, and digital comedy.

program duration: February to December 2021.

How to apply: Through this Form, But you will have to wait for the next session which you can inquire about for more information through Michelle ([email protected]) or Pow ([email protected]).

2. Digital Content Projects Development (EDP)

Goal: To reduce skill gaps in the digital creative content industry that covers components such as technical and business acumen and teacher development.

what’s he doing: It enables studios to recruit and hire new employees by reducing the amount of in-house training required, encourages community participation by formalizing instruction from elders in the industry, and leverages business skills via training that involve creative knowledge.

Eligible applicants: Institute of Higher Education Students, recent graduates (diploma or degree), unemployed talents, as well as semi-skilled and skilled talents.

program duration: March to December 2021.

How to apply: Across Here. Registration will open at least two weeks before each session.

3. Creative content flow

Goal: To assist Malaysians, especially young people, who are interested in deepening their knowledge in the internet broadcasting industry and producing creative video content.

what’s he doing: Encourages new live broadcasting activities for Malaysian-made digital games, creates promotional and training platforms for local digital games on social media, and promotes new content and revenue generation through online video platforms.

Eligible applicants: Malaysians aged 16 and over interested in digital games and creative content. Priority will be given to applicants with no development and broadcast experience.

program duration: March to July 2021.

How to apply: Through this Form. The deadline for registration is April 11, 2021.

4. Supporting the infrastructure for digital content technology (BATIK Digital)

Goal: To maintain quality of content, data security and consistency of outputs in adapting to the new standard by paying incentives for technical solutions.

what’s he doing: It reduces the cost of additional software and hardware for companies / studios, intensifies the readiness of local studios to seize global opportunities and is on par with international studios, and ensures business continuity for local creative studios affected by the epidemic.

Eligible applicants: Companies or studios involved in developing and creating animation, digital games, interactive media, and digital comics. They also need to have a proven track record and proven portfolio in creating IP or paying business services in digital creative content.

program duration: March to July 2021.

How to apply: Through this Form. There are three payments, so the closing dates are April 15, April 30, and May 25, 2021.

5. Digital content grant PRISMA (DCG PRISMA)

Goal: To help local creative industry players adopt and adapt to the new standard by creating new and attractive intellectual property (IP), creating opportunities for companies to continue developing high-quality creative content, and providing digital marketing and distribution activities.

what’s he doing: It promotes the creation of new digital creative content that can be accepted, marketed and displayed globally, provides opportunities and platforms for industry players to develop and create digital creative content, and supports digital creative content creators in digital marketing and promotion of existing digital creative content.

Eligible applicants: Companies or studios involved in developing and creating animation, digital games, interactive media and digital comics, with more than 50% of the shares owned by Malaysia. Members of the program are also required to have more than one year of experience and a proven portfolio in creative content management.

program duration: March to December 2021.

How to apply: Through this Form. There are three payments, so the closing dates are April 15, April 30, and May 25, 2021.

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The PRISMA initiative aims to fulfill some of MyDIGITAL’s goals, which include producing 200 IP addresses (from animation to gaming) for this sector, achieving an 8% annual growth rate for digital content exports as well as achieving the top 20 knowledge rating. The technology is under the Global Innovation Index.

According to a MIDA Insights report, the country’s digital games sector contributed US $ 100 million in revenue for 2018 and will experience a compound annual growth rate of 10.9% (2018 to 2023), MDEC CEO Surina Shukry indicated.

“These five MDEC-led programs are now aligned with PRISMA and are being updated to ensure they continue to meet the growing demands of the digital workforce and keep pace with industry trends. In fact, some of these programs have been fundamental initiatives for the industry and have enabled the digital animation and gaming sectors to thrive.”

  • You can learn more about the PRISMA initiative Here.
  • You can read more MDEC related content we have covered Here.

Featured Image Credit: MDEC / Cyberjaya

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