The Most Famous Rock Climbers Of All Time


Some of the best climbers have scaled amazing highs. Alex Honnold is 35 years old and specialises in solo climbs without any safety equipment. While many have attempted El Capitan with ropes, Honnold has defied all odds and attempted it without equipment.

Many of the most well-known rock climbers in the world have made history by climbing difficult and dangerous routes. These climbers are renowned for their skills and ability to push the limits of the climbing world. Some have even made it into popular culture, becoming the subjects of memes and books. Whatever your passion is, you’ll be able to find a rock climber that has impressed you. There are many legends however, there will always be a few climbers at the top.

Honnold was without doubt the most famous climber of his time. His documentary on his experience climbing Mount Everest was nominated for an Oscar and won seven Emmys. His personality was also an important factor in his being awarded numerous awards. His climbing feats have made him a household name and even helped him to land stunts for Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.

Sharma is also a world-renowned climber. Sharma began climbing at the age of twelve, and has been climbing ever since. While his training was mostly indoors, he managed to complete his first rated climb at age 14. He then redpointed 9b+ and 9a+ and won a gold medal in the X Games in 1999.

Another woman who is among the most Famous rock climbers in the world is Catherine Destivelle. She was born on the 24th of July 1960, in Oran, French Algeria. Her father was an amateur climber , and she loved alpinism and cliff climbing in the Massif des Ecrins. Destivelle despite being young was an inspiration to young women and men.

Sasha DiGiulian is the most well-known climber in America. She was the USA National Championships’ strongest competitor as a teenager. In addition to climbing the most difficult outdoor routes, she also competed in outdoor bouldering competitions. Her impressive climbing achievements during the 2011 season saw her win the overall and combined titles at IFSC Climbing World Championships.

Before the Dawn Wall, Tommy Smith was already famous as a rock climber when he saved his friends from a hostage situation in Kyrgyzstan. He believed that he killed the captor and wrote about the incident in his book “The Push”. He has also achieved many other feats in the past including the Fitzroy traverse as well as breaking the Nose speed climbing record.

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