The New Smile Makers Vibrators – Which One Is Right For You?


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There are so many reasons to love Smile Makers, and it’s a bunch of shakers that we’ve carried on the goop store (and enjoyed) for years. It is colorful. It’s super soft and made of body-safe and water-repellent silicone. They deliver the ways you want them to.

The names and playful packaging also make it easy to talk and joke about – which means they make great bachelorette gifts and great honest conversations about orgasm, pleasure, and desire.

Most exciting of all, Smile Makers has relaunched its core range to incorporate small but powerful tweaks inspired by years of feedback from people with vulvodynia. (You love hearing it.) So, while we are all for rocking jokes and puns (our reason for being!), We take this opportunity to dodge the shy jokes and tell you exactly what each smile maker can do – and how to use it – so you can choose what works for you.

Are original

These four vibrators are the ones Smile Makers are known for – and now they have been redesigned and improved. They all have a more powerful motor that delivers stronger and smoother vibrations than before. It is heavier than its predecessors, which means that it is more comfortable to hold and easier to use with precision. Four speeds and two pulse modes help you build excitement.


The bullet shaped silicone vibrator is easy to use and thus good for first-time explorers.

The inside information for the upgrade: User reviews on this were clear. Bigger is better in this situation. Previously called a millionaire, The Billionare has garnered a lot of volume – all while maintaining its ergonomic proportions.

Just the hint (tips): Its round head is made to massage the outer clitoris and labia to build arousal. It feels great for shallow internal stimulation – gently insert it into the entrance to the vagina and keep it there to stimulate an area filled with a high concentration of nerve endings.

  1. Smile Makers rocking billionaire

    Smile Makers
    Rocking a billionaire
    goop $ 60

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The Firefighter is called its flame-shaped tip, and it gives powerful, focused stimulation to the outer clitoris – and carries that vibration to the labia.

The inside information for the upgrade: The ‘flame’ head is rounder, and the edges are smoother, for a gentle touch.

Just the hint (tips): Place the round nose on the opening of the clitoris, allowing the shape of the flame to vibrate against the labia. After your first orgasm, lift the nose from the clitoris while keeping the flame on the labia to keep the fun while building arousal again. When ready, apply the nose again to get a full monty.

  1. Smile Makers Rocking Fire

    Smile Makers
    Fire rocking
    goop $ 60

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French lover

The tip of The French Lover has an ultra-thin soft silicone rim designed to mimic the feel of the tongue. Use it to stimulate the clitoris or any other erogenous zone – the flexible end vibrates slightly and can be moved to get the sensation of licking. It’s great for teasing piles and for those who are sensitive to strong pressure.

The inside information for the upgrade: The star of the show, the tongue-like tip, is designed to more realistically mimic the look and feel of the tongue.

Just the hint (tips): To play with a partner (and people who don’t have a vulva), this is a great game for exploring all of the erogenous body areas.

  1. Smile Makers French Love Vibrator

    Smile Makers
    French love vibrator
    goop $ 60

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Professional tennis

If you are interested in internal stimulation, this is the right vibrator for you. Its round, angular head slides comfortably in you. You can use it for an external massage as well as a gentle build-up.

The inside information for the upgrade: The neck is thinner to increase the vibration in the round head – which makes the G-spot massage in turn more intense.

Just the hint (tips): With the round head, explore the vagina and find the most pleasant places. Once you get there, increase the speed and play with pulse modes for an intense massage.


    Smile Makers
    Professional tennis rocking
    goop $ 60

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next generation

Rounding out the Smile Makers range are two vibrators that are definitely not an afterthought: Ballerina, in particular, is an employee favorite. Both have four speeds and three pulse modes. (Note that each of these devices takes two AAA batteries instead of one AA, unlike the vibrators above, for four hours of use.)


It is another vibrator designed for internal stimulation, but the rims here provide a unique sensation when entering and exiting the entrance to the vagina.

Just the hint (tips): Real tip only – try flattening, or gently insert the round head just an inch or two away. The vaginal entrance is very sensitive, as is the front wall of the vagina.

  1. The makers of the romantic rocking smile

    Smile Makers
    Romantic vibrator
    goop, $ 89

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ballet dancer

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand and rests on the vulva, The Ballerina features a layer of silicone gel for the next-level feel that is just as good in your hand as it is on the clitoris and labia. To be clear: it’s not like that
Just Super soft and smooth, like the other vibrators in this story – this second silicone coating has a cushion-like feel when you apply pressure.

Just the hint (tips): Place the narrow end at the tip of the clitoris and the widest end at the opening of the vagina to stimulate multiple pressure points simultaneously. You can also try this hands-free when directed like this – just bring your thighs around the vibrator to hold it in place.

  1. Smile Makers Ballerina Rocking

    Smile Makers
    Ballerina vibrator
    goop for $ 200

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