The only thing better than ice cream is cocktail inspired ice cream


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My favorite thing about Long Island Bar is the fried cheese curds with a side of ranch. My second, third and fourth favorite things about Long Island Bar Tapping two inches away from me, the glow of the neon “No to Dance” sign echoes off the terrazzo floor, the scent of freshly cracked ice and sticky whiskey. Cheese curds that I can eat on the patio table outside. For the rest, although the comfort zone of the epidemic is rapidly expanding, I am not so far Ready to go back to my favorite type of cocktail bar – a dimly lit bar full of strangers raging like a cozy cave.

OddFellows Posey Capsule Not a substitute for the bars I love and miss the most, but it’s a balm of a different kind: ice cream. This limited-edition chain of pints pays homage to some of the best bars in the world – Lemantor in Mexico City, Two Skymax in Barcelona, ​​Sydney Possibly Sami, New York Death & Co, Attaboy and Long Island Bar. Death & Co’s Buko Gimlet flavor, the pastel green of after-dinner mint, is a sherbet of coconut cream infused with pandan leaves, gin and New fire Cachaça. La Finca ice cream from Maybe Sammy, featuring oloroso sherry, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, and nuggets of manuka honey, tastes like a frozen version of the best Vietnamese coffee ever. Pint Long Island Bar is a pungent and exciting countryside on a my worldIt was developed by a pub owner, Toby Cecchini, when he was working at the legendary Odeon. It tastes like pink and 2002 lemonade.

Cute vanity makes these pints worth recommending, but what makes them worth Extremely The recommendation is the quality of the ice cream itself. OddFellowsOne of my favorite envelope stores in New York, is the brainchild of Sam Mason, a former pastry chef at WD-50. He’s been making mini flavors like miso cherry, pistachio, cardamom, and caramel since 2013, and in his hands, even the bacon, egg, and cheese ice cream is worth the wait. At $120 for six pints (including shipping), this is definitely a splurge. But think of every pint as a couple cocktails—they’re basically in the form of ice cream—and consider that you don’t have to tip. Plus, OddFellows donates 10% of POSI capsule revenue to Another round, another rallyIt is a non-profit organization that helps workers in the hospitality sector. Can I suggest sending a package to your best friend at a pub crawl for her birthday?

The ice cream in the Pozzy capsule does contain alcohol, but it does have a small amount – less than 5% ABV, which isn’t very close to the frozen margins area but enough that it can ideally be poured straight out of the freezer. If you’re feeling a little more buoyant, you can probably put a bowl of Attaboy penicillin ice cream with a shot of Scotch peat or float a scoop of Cosmopolitan in a glass of Cremante. Or do as I do – turn off the lights, turn them on a little bit background noiseApproach your partner, roommate, or dog, and stick a spoon directly into the pint.

OddFellows Posey Capsule Ice Cream (6 Scoops)

$15 with GetInMyBELLY code


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