There is a special place in my store for canned Patagonian mackerel


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Until relatively recently, I’ve stocked my kitchen with a huge assortment of instant foods just for emergencies: spare boxes of Annie’s cheddar crusts, random frozen dinners, salty canned soups, and instant Newguri ramyun. These were supposed to be my safeguard against ordering takeout on nights when I couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to crush a clove of garlic. The thing is, I had “emergencies”…often. And even on the nights when I successfully steered clear of my beloved fried foods, dropping a can of instant mac didn’t make me feel virtuous. I knew I wouldn’t stop facing emergencies; I also knew my pantry options could do with a little renovation.

These days, the VIPs in my “emergency only” bunker are a different kind of “instant” food: canned fish, all kinds, that live in a designated section of my closet. Whether it’s mackerel, tuna, sardines, or smoked trout, these versatile little tins are a lifesaver for nights when my tired butt can’t be moved, cooked, or sautéed. Open a can of smoked salmon (fishwife Makes it great), mix it with sour cream, a little lemon juice, salt, and pepper, and you’ve got fishy spread to roast. A few tasty sardines with under-cooked arugula and thinly sliced ​​onions look really good sandwich. Place a can of tuna directly on the dinner plate along with a small pile of pickles and crackers for a lazy person’s snack plate (me). And on nights when you can muster up the energy to boil water, nothing is more satisfying to pantry pasta than This version with mackerel, which I often make with fish Patagonia provisions.

Patagonia canned mackerel provisions It’s my favorite everyday canned fish because it’s nicely priced to spend a Tuesday night (except $30 of gourmet anchovies for a party), from sustainable sources From Spanish fishermen who catch mackerel with minimal bycatch or bait fish, which is very tasty. Like many of the best canned fish, mackerel comes packed with olive oil (a necessity, as it imparts so much flavor straight out of the can) with additional seasonings like Lemon and capers And Spanish red pepperWhich means less work for me to turn it into a meal. They’re delicious enough that sometimes I eat them straight from an inverted can with a little fluffy salt, like my Fancy Feast, with some bread to dip in flavored oil.

With a box of Patagonia provisions canned mackerel on hand at all times and No final Methods To dine without leaving the house, I’m less inclined to hit the “order” button on my phone these days—although I certainly still have 12 packets of Neoguri stashed in my hall closet. You know, l real Emergency cases.

Cooking recipe:

Pantry mackerel pasta recipe

Mackerel Pantry Pasta

Keep a can of fish in stock and these 20-minute pantry pastas will always come in handy for your last-minute dinner.

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