These mini LED grow lights keep my houseplants alive and my mental health in check


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Every time I check on my plants, I talk to them. I encourage them to do so be patient! After you notice drooping leaves or brown scales forming along the edges. I quietly ask them not to die as I squeeze their legs, afraid he will wash me when I realize they have turned to mush.

These conversations are one-sided, but somehow the tone of these conversations has taken a turn recently. “Wow, where did all these papers come from?” I’ll ask my elf ZZ, surprised and amazed that he’s alive. “you look very good, “I’ll tell the very faint-looking Chinese evergreen (and crunchy?!) just a few months ago. My little conversations with my plants are no longer desperate and self-flagellation, but rather an unintended bet on my back, a former plant that has blossomed into an actual parent For the plant. And all thanks to my country GrowLED plant lights.

Before having these lights, no plants survived in my apartment. zero. Let these sad statistics sink in. Where I’ve spent more time at home in the past year, more time reading blogs and By following expert greenthumbs on IGAnd the more time I spent obsessing over my plants, the more I realized that the biggest threat to them thriving in my apartment was actually the lack of natural light. I stuck to that fact partly because it acquitted me and partly because it made perfect sense. My apartment has giant windows (10 feet high!) but they are sandwiched between office buildings, which means they don’t get direct sunlight and weak indirect sunlight. Even low-light plants like succulents struggled sitting on the edges of my window.

So I took matters into my own hands and got two sets of these LED lights, mainly because they wouldn’t make my apartment look like a rave at night. They come in sleek, matte colors (white, blue, yellow!) and are shaped like little umbrellas with, dare we say, a mid-century modern look. Also, I noticed the keywords “perfect for novice growth” in the item name (GrowLED Obtains I).

The lights are easy to install. Simply plug the wire into the bulb itself, plug it into an outlet (get an extension cord if your plants aren’t close to outlets because the GrowLED cord itself is short; less than five feet), immerse the bulb’s pointed end in your plant’s soil, and you’re done! They come with a timer, if you don’t want to think about turning the lights on and off, but I like to play God, turn the lights on as soon as the sun goes down and turn them off before I sleep. The light has a volume of 4000 K, which is a warm light that appears to be ideal for plants due to its good amount of blue light To regulate the intake of water, carbon dioxide and yellow light for growth (Thank you, blogs and plant experts!). The bulb itself is small but its height is adjustable, so it can grow like your plants.

It’s been six months since I started using the lights, and they’ve changed my working life from home forever. Everyone thrives.

GrowLED Umbrella Plant Grow Light


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