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I’ve never been big on beauty products. I use an inexpensive drugstore face wash and have a drawer of unopened anti aging serums my mom bought me while I waited for TJ Maxx’s checkout lines over the years. Nor did I envision myself particularly the pro-brand type – until recently, when it dawned on me, in fact, that I had shamelessly endorsed a beauty product for a strong decade: Dorco Tinkle eyebrow trimmer Lee is known as Lady Face.

This pen size razor for women is travel friendly and inexpensive (six sticks in pastel colors I returned you $ 5, And each one stays sharp for about six uses.) Tinkle’s precisely serrated edges work wonders for shaping eyebrows – less painfully and with more precision than plucking with tweezers – and on fine hair like cheek fuzz. (I promise the fluff won’t grow rough again or multiply outrageously.) There’s no shame in the hairdressing game for anyone (!), But over the years, I’ve gifted Tinkles to countless women who want to sculpt their brows or trim the upper lips. Chin, and sideburns. It is my account of taking friendship “to the next level”; Nothing tracks intimacy quickly like sharing tips on how to paint a rogue facial hair landscape.

Speaking of bonding, when someone in my life “gets” caught off guard (my journey started at the age of four when my mom slashed my fateful bowl), I like to slip on the table over cocktails. Like a checkered haircut, I empower newly selected folks to embrace self-styled motifs. Be warned that trimming the bangs fades Tinkle much faster than shaving a face (you might get only two uses from each razor), but I found it an excellent way to take the fringe out of my eyes or cut the face-framing layers between hairstyles – without looking like I had pierced them too closely. Crush with kitchen shears after a glass and a half of Pinot.

Lately, I’ve been showing you my whole face and neck for an inexpensive and nice cost peelingGet rid of dead skin to get smoother skin. (Known in the language of wellness as Derma planning– Face shavers have inflated for exfoliation in its lucrative market, which is full of cutting edge sporting gadgets with advanced claims.) However, any old single-edge razor will get closer to the skin than a multi-razor, removing dead surface skin cells while cutting fine hair.

The act is almost as therapeutic and satisfying as easily as peeling off a blackhead strip. However, I can’t say that this face razor for women did much for the hormonal acne in their mid-30s, which now mixes nicely with the slow creep of age lines. I suppose there’s no silver bullet in beauty, right? However, nothing beats a good buzz.

Dorco Tinkle eyebrow trimmer


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