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Have you heard of Italy? I the love Italy. Since watching All prayers love, Excellent movie By the way, I was obsessed with The Boot. The last time I was there in 2019 with my mom – she’s the delicate and romantic Elizabeth Gilbert, I overeat and the Luca Spaghetti obsessed – and we passed through Tuscany, Lake Como and Umbria, filling the fun jars with truffle paste and canned anchovies. When I got home, I immediately started taking Italian classes, and spent all my money on Gustiamo.comAnd lurking sadly over the Italian answer to Zillow, ideal.

Therefore, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that my favorite rice is Acquerello – a type of kernaroli commonly used in Risotto, Grown and milled by The Rondolino family In a totally romantic looking Piedmont village. The name WatercolorThank you Much To the question, it means “watercolors” in Italian (because rice is grown in water!). No th 17.6 oz. Tin And the Hunkin ‘a human-sized bag Pleasantly features an original 17th century farmhouse. I’d be lying if I said the packaging wasn’t a big lot; I like shiny things.

If you, like me, survived the last year on copious amounts of carbohydrates, then you need Acquerello in your life. Heston Blumenthal, a renaissance man in Britain’s culinary world, best known for his advanced scientific and sensual cooking, has dubbed “the best rice in the world”. And this self-surveyed Italian expert (I) agrees. Acquerello’s magic lies in its unique and patented (!) Processing method: After aging for a year in temperature-controlled silos, the sugars in the starches develop into the sweetness of the hazelnuts and the grains harden, which means they are less absorbent and gainful. Don’t turn the risotto into sludge.

“It’s gorgeous; each core is remarkably smooth,” I told my completely uninterested friend, who late one night found me inspecting the tiny pearls with a magnifying glass. To avoid damaging the rice while whitening– A process by which the beans are typically passed through two abrasive mechanical surfaces to remove the germ and bran – Acquerello uses a gentle stirring process that grinds the grains against each other instead. Most cornaroli producers get rid of the germs that give brown rice its color Nutritious reputationRondolinos aren’t the most, however. They heat the fibrous remnants in a way that allows them to repaint the pellets, so Aquirello Cooks Like white rice, it is packed with all the vitamins and minerals found in brown rice.

I’m looking for a second, honest Italian opinion, and I’m eager to make my Italian teacher, Milena, proud, I email the chef Gabriel Bova, Who had been using Acquerello rice for three years in Locanda del Sant Uffizio, A Michelin-starred hotel and restaurant in the northwestern province of Asti. (I heard about the luxury resort during my visit and added it to my future travel itinerary.) “Through the production technology, the rice maintains good resistance to overcooking and provides a very fine grain structure under the teeth,” he explained in Italy. While Boffa mostly uses rice for the Locanda’s creamy red pepper and black olive oil, he says it’s versatile. Now that you’ve set it up in a file Rice cooker, On the stove, And the in the Oven, I can assure that Aquerello is hard to spoil.

These days, while the pleasures are still scarce, I savor my precious sweeteners. Instead of blowing through 5.5 lbs. Bag In a few dinners, I’d like to legalize them; Making Tomato eatersAnd the Arancini cheese, And spotted peas Reci PC Whenever you need a little Italy in New York. Instead of dropping it in front of the TV, I take a bowl and a bottle of Chianti to the bathroom, pour an Epsom salted tub, pretend the spots are the sounds of the Tyrrhenian sea writhing on a pebble beach. Inevitably, the wine disappears and the bathroom gets cold and I’m still in my apartment, but I remember after that there was a lot of rice in the bag.

Aqurillo rice, 5.5 lb bag


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