This splatter screen means faster cleaning and crunchy food


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My mom was very upset, and it wasn’t until I left her home that I turned into a clean chef. My timing might not be right for her, but I am I did Late he inherited her fondness for Clean workplace. I wash the dishes and put the ingredients away from me. Use a litter tray to hold the scraps. And when I’m done with the meal, I love my whole kitchen clean and shiny.

It should come as no surprise then that a splash of oil from the high heat of the stove is the bane of my existence. It spreads everywhere, from corners to dark corners, and is an absolute pain to wipe away. I’ve lived with this problem for years, reluctantly raising my stove grids and cleaning behind adjacent appliances afterward Fried Eggs For breakfast and Peel off the skin of chicken thighs for dinner. Turns out the fix was only $ 15 away: A. Screen Splatter.

With a diameter of 13 inches, this handy tool is extremely simple. It anchors almost any size – out of my country Small non-stick Mine Great old cast iron– Once it’s in place, the oil stays arranged within the boundaries of the pan.

As you can see, any cook who is worthy of salt knows that you often need the right amount of fat to end up with delicious, balanced food. But it is not Just These fats are delicious. It’s also the mechanism that holds the heat even for cooking (that’s one of the many great lessons Fat Nusrat Imparts in Salt, fat, acid, heat– And if you haven’t already read it, go ahead.) A big flame and a good spot of fat are the keys to this Roasted green beansAnd the Perfect steak burn, And the Stir fry A pile of vegetables. But with this magical combo, you inevitably end up in a city scattered.

Of course, the lid on the saucepan will keep the splashes and stains out, but it can spoil your food by trapping the steam in the pan. Moisture is the enemy of crunchSo even if you start with shimmering hot oil, it will leave you fragrant Pancakes, Dimmer fried potato, And rubber Short ribs. On the other hand, the spatter net has fine mesh openings large enough to let the steam escape, but small enough that the oil won’t have a chance to go anywhere.

When everything is said and done, the only mess is on the screen itself – and that can go straight to the dishwasher, which is an easy cleanup if you’ve ever seen one.

Open the kitchen splash screen


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