This Super Green Latte mix is ​​just like My Amma’s


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Some mornings, I crave a cola kanda. When I was a child, my mum would make this drink, a traditional Sri Lankan herbal drink with a porridge-like texture and rich herbal taste. “It gives you mental strength,” she would say, and serve it with a piece of jaggery as a treat. But I’ve never tried to replicate my childhood morning rituals because making kola kanda, like most good things, takes time: Amma boils rice, scrapes fresh coconut and squeezes meat to get milk, and blends and boils leafy greens like gotu kola and moringa, and curry leaves. So when I came across Super Green Latte from Cola Goodies, I was so excited. I finally found a piece of the house.

Super Green Latte is a powdered blend of Sri Lankan kola kanda that blends organic coconut milk powder, oat milk powder, gotu kola, moringa and cinnamon. I admit: I’ve never come across a kola kanda mix before, so I was wary about how it turned out. But the Super Green Latte was exactly what I was looking for; It is creamy enough and tastes fresh. You don’t usually need any sweetener because monk fruit sweetener is in it. Oat milk powder is also a great alternative to rice and helps create a good froth in the drink.

Sajani Amarasiri, founder of Kola Goodies like me, grew up drinking kola kanda at her home in Colombo. “My mother told me when they were young, she would keep an eye on Grandma and learn how to make them,” Amarasiri says. “They used pestle and mortar for grinding. At that time they didn’t even have mixers.”

But when she came to the United States at 19 to study in college, she couldn’t find her family’s morning drink in the stores. Since then, she has been trying to recreate it. The result is a Super Green Latte. “Gotu Kola and Moringa [are] The main protagonists,” Amarasiri says of the herbs and botanicals in the ingredient list, which taste slightly bitter and have a slight herbal scent. “We got it from Matale when we visited farmer families during [a] A trip to Sri Lanka.

More than anything, I love how easy it is to recreate my mom’s traditional drink, especially for a nice morning energy boost. Simply add 2 tablespoons of the powder to ½ cup of hot water, stir well, and then add another ½ cup of hot water. If you’re looking for something creamier, replace the water with ½ cup of warm coconut milk. The blend takes hours out of the traditional process, and now when I’m feeling homesick, I can make myself a cup of Coke Kanda anytime.

Super Green Latte from Cola Goodies


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