Three fans win $10,000 for a revolutionary summer experience with the Feds


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As part of the “History in the Making” campaign this summer federalAmerica’s Craft Wine brand will give three fans $10,000 each for a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience. As official ambassadors, or “secretaries” of specialized summer activities, fans can apply for one of three coveted positions from today until July 6.

Summer 2021 will be a chance for consumers to come back and travel, visit their favorite baseball stadiums again, and host friends and family they missed last year. “We want to give our fans the opportunity to celebrate and embrace these adventures once again in a big way,” said Tony Terlato Jr., Vice President at Terlato Wines. “Our wines are bold, ambitious and funky. We hope to inspire our fans to lead the summer the Federalist Wines way and make history with us by joining our premiere ‘Summer Wardrobe’.

The winners will be announced on Federalist Wines’ Instagram page on July 9. Check out the three secretarial jobs below:

1- Outdoor Secretary: This person has a passion for travel and adventure, and enjoys activities like hiking and camping. They’ll have the opportunity to make history in the great outdoors, from exploring the national parks to kayaking the great rivers of America – while enjoying their favorite Federal wine along the way.

2- Athletics Secretary: The candidate for this position is an absolute sports fan who has the same passion for backyard wiffle ball as they cheer for their favorite professional team. Special bonus points for daring game day rituals that include wine and snacks. They will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use $10,000 to visit some historically relevant baseball stadiums this summer.

3- Secretary The Grill: The person applying for this position loves to throw a party and is the ultimate host in the house. A spoon in one hand and a cup in the other. They can be the neighborhood barbecue master, dinner party planner, or top wine gamer on game night. $10,000 can throw the hell out of a barbecue.

To apply, contestants must reside in the United States, be 25 years of age or older, and visit Cabinetofsummer. When applying, applicants must share how they plan to make history if they are selected to be part of the Summer Cabinet. Applicants will also be able to upload how they plan an epic summer itinerary as well as a link to a photo/video of their Instagram page showing their content creation skills.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to apply and make history this summer with The Federalist Wines.

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