Tomato powder is packed with great tomato flavor in a very small jar


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I don’t remember the last time I used a full six-ounce can Tomato paste. Without a doubt, I would extract half a cup, transfer the rest to a bowl, put it in my fridge, and forget about it until it becomes unrecognizable. While the tubes of tomato paste don’t spoil nearly as quickly and pack more flavor into a smaller volume (they are double or tripartite-Concentrated), they are more expensive and I review them quickly.

Tomatoes powderMade from crushed and dried tomatoes – it solves both of these problems. Not only does it stay good for a very, very long time (it will stay in your fridge almost indefinitely), but it can also be reconfigured to whatever concentration you want, which means you won’t be left wondering if your specific paste is inferior to another. (Maybe something I’m just worried about?)

You can work out tomato powder anywhere you use tomato paste. (Like pasting, you’ll want to be sure Cook until it darkens And it starts to stick – this is how you know the sugars caramelize and get the maximum flavor.) Simply mix two parts of the powder with one part of water, then go on your fun way: Rigatoni with vodka sauceAnd the Tomato and rice seasoned with cinnamonAnd the Risotto, a Marinade for chicken skewers, Etc.

But tomato powder can also go where tomato paste can’t! It’s dry and sprayable, which means you can use it as a spice in massages (chicken wings rub with tomato ???), for roasted vegetables, or a nut mixture. (I had great success using Lee to recreate these Spiced Nuts Pizza From Food 52.) Or mix it with salt, then use it to season your popcorn, as an edge on a bloody Mary glass, or as a final touch on Focaccia Baked dough. (I will report again when I try to substitute 2 tablespoons of flour in the same dough with tomato powder.)

While tomato powder only consists of one ingredient (if you think about tomatoes, you are right), it can still vary widely. Tomato powder from Spice House Clown nose is red and sweet like the smaller and more ripe cherry tomatoes in summer. Burlap and Barrel versionIt is made from a certain variety of tomatoes grown along the Aegean coast of Turkey and dried in the sun, on the other hand, it is orange in color, with a salty taste. I use both in my kitchen: The Spice House Edition when I want a purely bright tomato flavor (in Chili pepper, For example) and Burlap and Barrel when I’m looking to add complexity and acidity. It is a kind of deal a special occasion, reserved for decoration and ultimate flowering.

In summer, I’ll mix tomato powder with mayonnaise, spread it on toast, and then place thick slices of tender beef on top. With more tomato powder on top, you’ll be the most delicious tomato sandwich ever. Okay, that might take a while from now – but my tomato powder will be waiting for me, like the day I bought it, and when the time is right.

Tomato powder from burlap and barrel

Tomato powder from Spice House


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