Trader Joe’s New Items: They did something like oat milk ice cream


Irish Kerrygold Cheddar with Chili
Light cheese, mild pepper, light ideas.

Beimster Hatch Paper Quality
This is spicier than Kerrygold (but not hot) and very creamy. I shredded it and made great nachos. Different TJs have different offerings of cheese, but if you can get your hands on this one, be sure to buy.

Everything and Dip Greek Style Yogurt from Ilot
“And the elote” means we got little bits of corn in this dip, which was controversial among my taste-testing buds because it adds a touch of sweetness (and a slightly sticky texture). Loved pops of kernel, see you tomorrow! We’ve got Greek yogurt as a base (soft), some parmesan (yes), and TJ’s seasoning blend for everything but Elote, which is mostly chipotle, cumin, and chile-based powder. She knocked down that drop with TJ’s Ruffed not-Ruffles.

Store items

Cassava and cauliflower bread mix خليط
Immediately, I can smell cauliflower and I don’t like it. I thought of making Rick’s Sugar Cookies It will be a good test of the flavor/composition of the gluten-free flour blend. The texture of the biscuit was great, soft and mushy, but you can definitely taste the cauliflower. Faces are made. It was yucks yucked. The cookies were literally thrown away. Structurally, gluten-free flour works and that’s great, but the taste…no. I think a simple rebranding, labeling it “salty bread mix” and giving people recipes for pizza dough and zucchini bread, not pancakes and cookies, would fix the potentially dangerous consequences made with this flour.

Organic canola oil spray
How many spray oils does a person need? This will come in handy when your niece is hanging her head on the front porch railing. Nice and greasy.

Mexican Cowboy Pinto Beans
these Charo beans Great. big fan. Creamy pinto beans, decent jalapeño presence, and a touch of smoke. The spice is strong without being lethally salty. Now I’m excited to try more This brand new.

Peri-peri sauce
warm. sauce. The fermented peppers give it a funky, yeasty taste, which I love – but often you also get a piece of chili. A good amount of lemon juice makes the sauce very acidic and bright. A little bit goes a noisy way. I’ll mix it up with mayonnaise for sandwiches, tacos, and grilled vegetables.

Organic peach fruit spread
I opened this and saw a perfect peach slice on top, which surprised me because a lot of Trader Joe’s “fruit slugs” are way too far from the jam and they should call them “fruit spreads”. Peach, sugar, pectin, not much here. guard.


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