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Travel is back, and summer vacations are in full swing. Exciting, yes, but the fun of adventure eases with a little bit of anxiety and confusion about the various restrictions, rules, and regulations. To help calm anxiety, anxious travelers have found calm with CBD products that can help support anxiety management, promote stress relief and relaxation, and help reduce fatigue associated with spending hours on a plane, bus, or in a car. Traveling negatively affects the body and mind; CBD can help maintain healthy habits that influence faster and better recovery.

But what are the controls for traveling with CBD? Brook Bacon, Vice President of Marketing, Sky Wellness, Premium Brand CBD Wellness Products, shares their knowledge about the legal aspects of traveling with CBD elements. “Before getting into what is and isn’t allowed, we need to clarify that Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is typically derived from hemp,” Bacon said. Please note that the products we are referring to contain CBD and are free of THC which is the main psychoactive chemical in hemp.

“Both CBD and CBG are attractive options to support a healthy lifestyle,” Bacon continued. “Affordable, awesome, hemp-derived and hemp-derived CBD products are designed to improve health, enhance well-being, and make life… Feel better. Unlike other brands in the industry, Sky Wellness products are made with only the highest quality raw materials in the cleanest and safest certified facilities, all verified via rigorous third party testing.”

In terms of travel, Sky Wellness (CBD is referred to as “the vibes and flavors” by most of its customers) has created products designed to deliver experiences. “According to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is legal in all 50 states,” Bacon said. “CBD has been proven to be a harmless substance and has been removed from the Transportation Security Administration’s “Can’t Fly List.” This means that as long as the product is THC-free, travelers are free to carry it around the country. Just make sure that if you You continue, and if you’re traveling with a lotion, gel, or other liquid, the item adheres to the 3.4-ounce limit required by the TSA.”

While this is great news for many, international travel maintains its own protocols. “As borders begin to open, we recommend travelers to be sure to check international rules and regulations related to CBD with the foreign country or countries you are going to visit,” Bacon said. “Laws are constantly changing and vary from country to country. It gets even more confusing if you are traveling on a cruise ship. We recommend contacting your cruise line directly for more information about what is safe to bring on board.”

Sky Wellness offers these additional tips for traveling with CBD:

* To reduce the amount of fluid you travel with, CBD products in gummyAnd softgel, or Contraceptive pills The form is recommended.

*DO NOT ALLOW FAA vapes and other battery-operated smoking devices in taped bags. But you can travel with them in your carry-on baggage or with you.

* To avoid delays, never attempt to disguise or conceal these products while you are traveling.

* For international travel, when in doubt, it is best to leave your items at home

“With rules and regulations constantly changing, it is best to be diligent in your research on the legal aspects of all cannabis products,” Bacon said. “We wish you the most fun and enjoyment with all your travel plans, and most importantly hope you stay safe this summer!”

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Images provided by Sky Wellness.

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