Types of Door Manufacturers


Wood Doors

Many wood doors manufacturers make a variety of products including interior and outdoor doors. Some companies produce a wide range of wood doors while others specialize in a specific type of wood.

The same companies often use the same sizes and same formulas for jambs and hinges, sill profiles, construction, and construction. They can also work with large tolerances and produce product as quickly as possible to meet the client’s budget.

Another type of manufacturer of interior doors is one that uses an engineered wooden core with solid timber veneers to create what’s known as “true stile-and-rail” interior doors. This is typically used for paint-grade applications and provides a more authentic appearance to a painted door. There are many ways a company could manufacture a door. The most common are the following:

1. Engineered Wood Core (Sing Core).

Sing Core is an Eco-friendly lightweight wooden door core that weighs in at a fraction of the weight of solid wood and is stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing Core is made using patented methods. It is made from wood staves or planks that are cut to 1/8-inch thickness. Then they are applied to a patented Sing Core engineered substrate.

2. Hollow Metal Frames and Forme Aluminium Framing

Supporting solid core doors is usually done using both hollow metal frames or formed aluminum frames. These frames can be fire rated with either a 90 minute or 60 minute rating. These doors are often equipped with panic hardware and magnetic locks. They can be concealed or surface-mounted.

3. MDF Doors

Medium density fiberboard can be used for interior doors. These doors are painted and offer more soundproofing that molded wood doors.

4. MDF Doors are usually less expensive than a traditional wood door, but they still provide a good level of security and privacy.

5. MDF Doors are heavier than traditional molded doors, but can still look and feel like wood doors when painted.

6. MDF doors come in a variety of configurations to fit your needs and preferences.

The main difference between MDF doors and traditional wood doors is that MDF doors are heavier than traditional wooden doors, but they still provide privacy and security.

7. MDF doors are available in both panel and bifold formats and can either be a single or two-door design.

8. MDF Doors can be made in many configurations to suit any application.

9. MDF Doors offer a better alternative to molded wood doors when it comes to paint-grade applications.

10. MDF Doors have a higher standard than molded doors. They can also be made in pieces so that you can create a true stile and rail.

A custom doors manufacturer can help you create the perfect custom wood door. A custom-made wood door can be an excellent investment for your home and can increase its worth.

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