Valentine’s Day gifts with a difference


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Since flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day transcend clichés – the kinds of gifts we live here today – and tomorrow – what about a deeper appreciation for your partner’s interests, which offers lasting value.

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Whether it’s classical, jazz, or the latest contemporary singers and songwriters, listening to music together can be the best way to share that special someone’s company.

How about introducing your partner’s first membership to an online radio station for jazz fans that gives you countless hours of HD quality music with no ads. Jazz Grove It is a service provided by the “Foundation for the Advancement of Jazz” and whose contributions are tax deductible. Having started as a solo non-profit radio station in 2016 specializing in “Laid-Back Jazz”, it has now expanded to include five different channels.

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Oslo News Lite It is an innovative gift, a radio watch with built-in speaker and wireless charger that you can stream from your smartphone or tablet via its Bluetooth connection. Thanks to Qi technology, you can charge your smartphone simply by placing it on the top of the radio.

Designed by Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, this product is part of the “Quaglio Simonelli” or Miami collection, described as “Familiar-looking beings tainted by the unexpected and idyllic … flying elegantly on the wings of nostalgia, art deco stylistic wink meets actual artistic requirements“.

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Literature offers another option for music. With the widespread lockdowns against the spread of Covid, many people have taken creative writing as a way to take advantage of quiet time, so why not treat your partner with one of the many writing workshops available now.

I amSee the writing retreat This is an online series of dedicated practical weekend workshops featuring experienced teachers and authors published in many genres, from memoir to fiction, with live critiques as part of the package. There is no better way to get inspired than to be in the company of an exclusive small group of fellow writers and flick that unfinished manuscript in your drawer. It is perhaps a bestseller waiting to be discovered. The writer’s group also organizes a special Valentine’s Day contest, based – of course – on the theme of love.

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in the fresh air

With days dragging on and winter coming to an end, the idea of ​​getting out of hibernation and exploring nature with your partner seems fun.

But in many places, mid-February is challenging weather. Never fear products fromDry robe, It will keep you and your partner warm and cozy as you stroll through the countryside. Founded by entrepreneur Gideon Bright, the UK-based company has created a sophisticated changing gown that is lined in wool and baggy to keep the chill out. “Living on Ireland’s northwest coast, which is a wet and windy region, a long-sleeved robe keeps me warm and warm, which is very important because I have three dogs, two of them are Collies, who appreciate their day trips along the beach and over the hills,” Colombia Vaileanu said.

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While parts of the United States and Europe may be cold now, places such as Southern California, Arizona and further afield in Australia and New Zealand provide the perfect climate for camping, picnics, and fun experiences for loving couples. To get proper gear, look no further External products, Which offers a wide range, ranging from 4 to 10 people, framed backpacks to sleeping bags and waist packs in many designs and colors.

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It’s a 2-in-1 “Grand Park”, for example, suitable for beach trips, fishing expeditions and picnics. It features a detachable insulated compartment with a zip pocket, an insulated compartment ice pack cover, multi-strap tie-downs and a front drink pocket. You may also like Take a look at the Road Tripper Duffel, an easy-to-carry travel bag that features plenty of storage space, in both front and back wide pockets.

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