We Are Moving What To Do In Case Of A Problem


Broken or damaged items, detrimental delay in delivery? What you need to know to be appropriately compensated. The moving company must deliver furniture and objects to you in the condition they were initially in, except in cases of force majeure (storm, invisible defect in the thing) or if you have poorly or insufficiently packed them. Apart from these situations, the mover is required to compensate you if there is damage.

Before the move

You will receive an estimate in which the specific conditions of the move are indicated: planned date, volume, type of trip, definition, and price of the service chosen. The furniture’s total value and the maximum reimbursement value per object often appear in addition to this mandatory information.

This estimate is attached to the general conditions of the move, the company’s rules of responsibility, and the declaration of value. All these parts constitute the contract itself. After signing this complete document, both parties are committed, and neither can retract – unless it has been signed at your home: it is then possible to abandon within seven days. This document must be registered by the company at least five days before the move.

Declaration of value

In this document, you will enter the price of each object whose value is greater than that indicated at a flat rate in the estimate (between 300 and 500 euros in general). The mover commits to total weight and a maximum value per object.

If you find these guarantees insufficient, you can take out additional insurance, called damage insurance, which guarantees you compensation even if the mover’s liability is not in question or even compensates you beyond the contractual limitations.

In case of delay

The company is required to compensate for the damage suffered because of the delay: accommodation costs lost working day or any other expense due to the delay in delivery of your furniture and objects.

  • In the event of loss or deterioration noted on arrival
  • The problems must be mentioned on the delivery note.

If the company does not challenge them in writing on the same document, they are considered taken into account. It will then be necessary to quantify the damage and request reimbursement. Do it quickly enough and, at the latest, within the following year because this is the maximum time to take legal action.

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If the company disputes your reservations, send a protest letter as soon as possible by registered mail.

Damage noted after arrival.

Even if you signed the delivery note without indicating anything, you still have ten days to send a complaint by registered mail: detail the damage observed. You then have additional time to quantify the damage. To know. The delivery note must mention the time limit and the methods of protest. It must also indicate that the customer can issue them even if he has not made any reservations at the time of delivery. In the absence of these indications, the protest period is reduced to 3 months

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