What Is Involved In Roof Maintenance


Each roof has its own lifespan. There will come a time when your roof needs to be replaced. Fortunately, you can exert a lot of influence on this yourself by actively performing roof maintenance at least once a year. What we, unfortunately, encounter a lot is that so-called roofers have been working on the roof who have carried out a moderate repair. For example, when the ridge caps have been re-glued, but without properly tackling the substrate. As a result, it will be your turn again next year because it simply was not carried out properly. You can avoid double costs by having a professional roofer do the work. And by professional we naturally mean a roofer who gives a guarantee on his work.

Maintenance and replacement of roof tiles

Roof tiles can break, battens can rot or break and ridge frosts can crack. This occurs especially with old roofs. Ridge frosts laid in cement or when a roof is covered with quick-plugs, the grout can become porous. The above problems can then easily arise, resulting in a leak. Rain can eventually cause mosses and algae on the roof tiles, and the water can even blow through. Leaks, discoloration, and rotting roof structures are the results. These are things you are not waiting for. It is often also the case that not all pans are broken and that only a part needs to be replaced.

Fortunately, the use of old roof tiles can result in considerable savings in the renovation of the roof. For example by applying vapor-permeable foil or installing new battens. It is not always necessary to replace your roof tiles. If it is not necessary, we will only carry out repairs or replacement with glazed tiles or noble and obese roof tiles. This is durable and ensures that your roof tiles last a long time.

We know different methods for ridge monarchs. We often look at the current state and your wishes. Ridge frosts can be fixed using flexible roof mortar. If it appears that your roof ridge needs more work, it is often advisable to install a new modern ridge that allows the roof to breathe. This will prevent problems occurring on your ridge and thus the rest of your roof for the coming years.

Insulation is now a well-known topic in the Netherlands. Everything must be made greener and more sustainable to make the energy transition possible. Fortunately, there are many subsidy options for roof insulation. In combination with roof renovation or repair, this may be a wise choice.

Maintenance and replacement of bitumen roofing

Usually, when you find out for yourself that your bitumen roofing needs to be replaced, it is already too late. Most people only discover this after a heavy rain shower or storm, after which the water enters through a leak. You will of course have your roof repaired immediately. Please note that when it concerns an old roof, this can be a waste of money. Often a problem is deeper than just the leak. It may mean that the roof covering (the roofing felt) must be replaced with an old roof.

Are you handy yourself? Or do you prefer to have the roof maintenance carried out?

We all know that you can arrange many things yourself. Unfortunately, we have often seen that things go wrong here because, for example, it is not noticed that small lead edges do not connect well or that ridge-points have become loose. But are you handy and do you know how to test a roof? Then you can already carry out a part yourself (think of replacing some roof tiles, for example). Make sure you don’t miss any spots, otherwise you will still have a leak. A Roofer does the work on a daily basis, knows exactly what to pay attention to, and is very adept at inspecting the difficult accessible places on the roof. In addition, a professional roofer gives a warranty on his repair, so that you can keep your feet on the ground with peace of mind and security.

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