Why is everyone talking about the exclusive, invite-only Clubhouse app


In late January, Clubhouse secured an investment of $ 100 million, valuing the company at $ 1 billion.

Since then, she’s been making waves online due to her exclusive and elusive nature.

The invited audio application only grew out of having 1500 users in May 2020 to me More than 600,000 In December of the same year.

Using the app, users can adjust conversations, interviews, and discussions between interesting people on various topics – such as listening to a live broadcast.

Just like the phone call, once the conversation ends, the room shuts down.

The catch is that not everyone can join the app. It works on an invite-only basis, so you must first receive an invitation from an existing user before you can join the Club.

The relative privacy has motivated celebs, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Jared Leto to make their presence visible on the app, so you can definitely expect to hear their opinions.

How do I get an invitation?

To join, an existing Clubhouse user needs to send an invitation from their app giving you access to set up an account.

If invited, you will receive a link sent to your phone number, that directs you to an in-app registration page.

Without an invitation, users will have to reserve a username instead. This means that they will be added to a waiting list until they receive an invitation from a friend.

When someone joins the Clubhouse, they are automatically given a single invitation that they can send to someone using their phone number.

To be able to invite more people, they need to “host and share” rooms.

Unfortunately, the app is now only available for iPhone users.

However, the creators announced the Blog post Their goal for 2021 is to complete the beta phase of the app, and ultimately “open up the Clubhouse to the whole world”.

Exchange conversations between industry professionals and celebrities

Club chat
Image credit: Many Man

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Clubhouse doesn’t handle trivial information like discussing what they ate for lunch.

Instead, it has become the primary space for celebrities, media personalities, and industry professionals to share stories and advice.

Once in the app, you will see rooms of people having conversations. You might stumble upon celebrities, musicians, business people, and commentators who share information and knowledge.

In fact, the app’s popularity probably grew when Tesla founder Elon Musk hosted a voice chat on the app with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev.

This helped propel the Clubhouse to the top of the startup charts and sparked a scramble of invitations.

While large-scale events like the appearance of Elon Musk abound, there are also niche interest groups ranging from Bitcoin to Meditation to Mandarin Learners Club.

Club application
Screenshot of the Clubhouse app

It’s also easy to set up private voice rooms for picking friends, meetings or one-on-one conversations.

The experience is similar to web conferencing, where the mediators have a microphone, the audience can raise their hands to ask a question, and the mediators have the ability to bring the audience to the “stage” to speak.

Sound rooms are where all activities take place – imagine that you are in a large conference and looking to the booths to hear the conversations going.

The club rooms displayed in the lobby are public and anyone can enter any of them at any time to listen to conversations on any topic of their choice.

But is it really worth the hype? It all depends on your motivation for using the app.

If you are looking to join or build communities or expand your relationships, Clubhouse provides an easy way to interact with influencers and thought leaders.

Moreover, the abundance of available themes provides a good opportunity for users to learn about something completely new at no cost.

Not without controversies

Asians on the phone
Image Credit: AVCJ

Clubhouse was banned in China on February 8 after hosting numerous uncensored talks about sensitive issues on the platform.

to me Financial timeS, thousands of Chinese are flocking to the app to discuss controversial issues, such as the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and the issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Additionally, the club has also dealt with Issues Like bullying and harassment, because real-time conversations are difficult to moderate.

However, according to the app’s founders, their ultimate goal is “to build a social experience that feels more human.”

Thus, it remains to be seen how the team will be able to manage the conversations while keeping them healthy.

For now, the Clubhouses’ uniqueness and success in flirting with celebrities and thought leaders will ensure continued app, and more viral moments.

Our North Star was creating something with which you can close the app at the end of the session and feel better than you did when you opened it, because you deepened your friendships, met new people and learned.

Club House team in prof statement

Featured image credit: Forbes / Know Techie

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